The DIY electronic sticker fun kit is presented to children in the form of books. Using conductive tape as one of the main tools, various interesting circuits can be quickly built through the collage of conductive tape and components. Each circuit installed can immediately hear or see the effects of sound, light and electricity.

Assembled electronic components to a textbook learning not a dull originally, through various scenarios let children manual assembly collage, the principle of the electrical, acoustic, optics, magnetism, and knowledge, solid, easy to learn to show in front of the children, let them easy to understand all kinds of knowledge and theory, and improve their practical ability, let the children into the mysterious electronic world in the play.



  • Interesting and innovative

    DIY is designed in the form of a book, making learning as easy and fun as reading.

  • Cartoon design, full of wit

    Each experiment case adopts cartoon design to increase the interest of learning.

  • Complex module, simple application

    The complex circuit design, integrated in each component, greatly reduces the learning difficulty.

  • Flexible circuit board, safe to use

    The electronic components in the kit use flexible circuit boards to make the learning process safer.


  1. Components qty: 13

  2. Basic Components: LED module - red, LED module - green,

    LED module - blue, photosensitive sensor, button battery, copper foil tape

  3. Types of experiments: basic circuit, series circuit, switching circuit, series switching circuit, optical control circuit

  4. Length of copper foil: 3 m

  5. Battery model: button battery CR2032

  6. Battery voltage: 3v


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