Bionic spider crawling robot is based on the principle of bionics. The micro servo motor is the execution unit,  each foot is composed of three degree joints. It can be controlled by 2.4G wireless, which can realize stepping, fixed-point support and wire mesh climbing, complex motion such as omnidirectional rotation detection. The main body can be loaded with wireless micro camera to get instant feedback image for remote monitoring.

The leg-mounted bending pressure sensor can feedback the changes of topography and geology. This robot can be used for military terrain detection, field search and rescue, information collection, industrial equipment testing and so on.


1. Full types of actions

2. Bionic movement



1. Name: Bionic Spider Crawling Robot

2. Brand: Aisrobotbase

3. Series number: RB-17E014

4. Size: 480*480*180mm

5. Weight: 2.640kg

6. Robot type: bionic robot

7. Working voltage: 7-12V

8. Main controller: Starduino controller

9. Sensor: ultrasonic sensor

10. Control mode: PS2 handle control

11. Control distance: 12m

12. Environment type: dry

13. Material: aluminum alloy

14. Color: silver

15. Battery capacity: 7.4V/1200mAhx2

16. Charging time: 3.0 hours