“Red Devil Knight” Smart Humanoid Robot Kit is an entry-level educational robot DIY kit that integrates mechanical, electronic and software programming. It is mainly built by ALSRobot Inventor kit series, and developed independently by ALSRobot. The Gearduino controller is programmed to implement different functions.


Red Devil Knight can change the tilt angle of the upright body and walk in different postures. It can also add a humanoid arm and head to become a guardian knight. The changing body shape can fully exert the imagination and creativity of the students.


Learning programming knowledge through Arduino programming, from easy to difficult, let the young people gradually master the knowledge and skills of robot programming. Red Devil Knight can cultivate young people's hobbies in electronics and lay a solid foundation for the improvement of young people's ability and quality.


  1. Easy installtion

   2. Simple operation


1. Input: 6-12V

2. Output: 0-3A

3. Digital interface: 4 ports

4. Analog interface: 4 ports

5.IIC interface: 1 port

6. Motor interface: 2 ports