Compared with the digital multimeter, this voltmeter is simple even can't read the accurate voltage value without the dial, but by observing the magnitude of the pointer deflection, we can accurately judge the voltage value detected twice: high and low.

The voltage detector has a minimum resolution of 0.00489V.You can also add a display device to accurately display the detected voltage value.



1. Simple structure

2. Simple operation

3. Small size, easy handling


1. Master chip: Atmega 328P

2. Input voltage: external DC power supply 6-12V

3. Logic voltage: TTL (HIGH: 5V--LOW: 0V)

4. Output voltage: 5V DC

5. Maximum input current: 3A

6. Communication method: UART port, I2C, digital input/output, analog input

7. Easy to connect with RJ25 interface

8. Integrated dual motor drive