DARWIN-MINI Robot is an imported original intelligent robot introduced by ALSRobot. DARWIN-MINI (Darwin Mini) Robot is compatible with the 6mm network OLLO (ROBOTIS DREAM) framework. Based on the various motion functions of the small Dynamixel XL-320 digital steering gear, it provides DARWIN-MINI dedicated APP (including touch screen, gesture, voice recognition, SMS) applications to support R+Task and R+Motion. Core control extensions based on Arduino structure are used to support properties such as color sensor, distance sensor, LED module, etc. DARWIN-MINI is quick in response, quick in action, can achieve a variety of functions, can participate in dancing, speed racing, football and other competitions, can participate in large-scale activities such as robot performance, and other commercial activities. Its simple control, user-friendly operation interface, easy to grasp, but also widely used in primary and secondary school teaching and Aduino developers.



1. Multi-purpose combination, suitable for different competitions and thematic activities;

2. The core controller with Arduino structure has strong expansibility.

3. Small Dynamixel XL-320 digital rudder realizes various motion functions, reflecting sensitivity and stable motion.

4. The shell is made of plastic material to reduce body weight.

5. Provide a variety of basic action libraries, assemble and merge them to complete different complex movements (dance, football, etc.).

6. Supports different sensors, has strong external expansion ability, and improves the intelligence of the robot;

7. Support Bluetooth communication, easy to operate;

8. DARWIN-MINI with mobile APP control;

9. Support R+Task and Motion