ZinnoBot is an entry-level educational robot DIY kit,Through the combination of different parts and sensors to build a variety of forms and functions robot. Through block program can easily to learn programming knowledge and exercise logical thinking.At the same time you can also use the ZinnoBot APP to wireless remote control robot to achieve the competitive football fun,This kit not only can exercise young people ability, but also develop their imagination and creativity, It is the best choice for parents to provide their children with robot gifts.


1. Different sensors can be expanded to carry out different functions of cars.

2. Diversification of control modes

3. Simple operation

1. Programming software: Arduino IDE, Superblockly, Alshandle, Alsgravity, Alsvoice

2. Controller Model: Arduino UNO R3/Starduino Series

3. Power Supply: 5 Nos. 5 1.2V Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery/7.4V Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery

4. Body Material: High Quality Aluminum Alloy

5. Basic modules: IR Receiver Module, ultrasonic sensor,  IR Line Tracking Sensor, LED  module, Buzzer Module.

6. Extension module: Bluetooth module, WiF module, light sensor, IR Detector Photoelectric Sensor, Electronic compass module, triaxial accelerometer module

7. Control Mode: Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control, Wireless Infrared Remote Control, Autonomous Programming Control

8. Size: 200 mm x 170 mm x 140 mm

9. Weight: 1.5 kg