The robotic arm is an automated mechanical device that is widely used in the field of robotics. It is used in industrial manufacturing, medical, entertainment services, teaching applications, military and space exploration etc.

In the past days the robotic arm is in functional focus and high price, so it is not easy to have it. Now it is come to true, the aluminum alloy arm kit- AS-6D0F can realize your robot dream.

Using 6 servo steering gear designed with simple structure , AS-6D0Fs control system couldshow the working principle of controlling the 6-DOF manipulator, so it can be used as a teaching demonstration platform.

AS-6DOF 32 servo could be the control systerm with the computer.  It can send command signal via softwareto make robot arm moving within the specified range..

It also could installing the camera on the robot arm to get the feedback image . While to be installed in mobile platform, it can replace the staff in the harmful environment to complete the task.

It is the cost-effective and easy operation robot platform.



1. Four buttons, Simple operation

2. Small size, easy handling


  • Specifications:

  • 1. Power supply -Control terminal  : +7V - +12V.

  •  - Control DC: USB or DC 5V.

  • -Servo motor +4-+6V.

  • 2. Control channel: 32 channels.

  • 3. Communication input: RS232 (serial port) or TTL.

  • 4. Servo motor drive resolution: about 1us, 0.09 degrees.

  • 5. Baud rate setting: 2400 9600 38.4k 115.2k (To be converted).

  • 6. Supported servo motors: Futaba or Hitec, and Huisheng etc. domestic brands.

  • 7. PC interface: DB9F.

  • 8. Size: 65 mm × 60 mm × 1.5 mm.

  • 9. Control mode: serial port accepts the command mode. (With PC software control or microprocessor with serial port)

  • 10. Others: Provide external power supply interface system for the upper computer system.