The throwing robot is built with Inventor kit components, which can move in all directions and eject the gift.


1. Rotate in any direction

2. Controllable launch position

  • Specifications:

  • 1. Working voltage: 6V to 34V( driving voltage)

  • 2. Working current: continuous current output of 5A to 60A (depending on control mode)

  • 3. While the motor current is between 1 and 2 times the rated current, the current is automatically limited to reduce the duty cycle.

  • 4. Three communication or control modes

  • 5.PID double closed loop control

  • 6. Quickly connect/disconnect with the terminal

  • 7. Configuration via onboard button

  • 8. Feedback brake

  • 9. Allow direction change at high speed

  • 10. Jumper selection 5V BEC

  • 11. Power supply detection and low voltage power failure protection under over discharge

  • 12. Single bidirectional control of two brush motors