Biped Robot is built by Inventor kit components, simulates human walking patterns by control.


Can finish going forward, back flip etc. movements.



1.Control input voltage: DC 7-8.4V

2. Working current: <10A

3. Controller processor: STM32F103VET6

4. Operating temperature range: -10 ° C ~ +70 ° C

5. Power supply range-Control terminal p: DC + 7.4V lithium battery.

-Servo motor terminal : DC + 7.4V lithium battery.

7. Low voltage (6.0V) alarm function ( to prevent the lithium battery from being over-discharged and damaged).

8. Servo control channel: 32 channels.

9.255 action group storage functions.

10. Communication input: USB or TTL. ((The baud rate is arbitrarily set in the USB mode, , and it is 115200 in the TTL serial port mode).

11. Host computer connection, online control servo operation and action group storage call operation specified number action group, action group number 0 to 254, with the function of erasing data and storing data.(Note: the storage action should first click to erase the corresponding action group, the content is then written to the new action group content).

12. KEY button function: Operating the No. 254 action group .

13.2.4G handle control fixed number action group execution, handle button can control 12 action groups, respectively 0 to 11 action group.

14.2.4G handle controls the fixed channel relay on/off function, the handle button can control 12 channels of relay, 21 to 32 channels.

15.6 channel ADC host computer sends commands to return the measured voltage value, A, B, C, D, E, F. At the same time with digital port mode, the host computer commands to send, the corresponding channel to high level 3.3V, or to low 0V.

16.ADC mode instruction format is string, VAK VBK VCK VDK VEK VFK

17. Digital High Mode, AHK BHK CHK DHK EHK FHK

18. Digital low mode, ALK BLK CLK DLK ELK FLK

19. The upper computer command control relay is turned on and off, and can control 32 channels, and send any combination of commands.

20. Instruction format: single control #1LZ#1HZ joint control #1H#2L#3H#4L#5H#6L#7L#8H#9L#10H#11L#12H#13L#14L#15H#16L#17H#18L# 19H#20L#21H#22L#23H#24L#25H#26L#27H#28L#29H#30L#31H#32LZ

Remarks: #1LZ stands for channel 1 low level, #1HZ stands for channel 1 high level, and so on for other channels.

21. Status light display, power indicator light, yellow light when USB is online, USB offline blue light is on