“Makerspace Inventor Kit" launched by ALSRobot is a scientific experiment DIY kit combining mechanical, electronic and software. It consists of controllers, sensors, mechanical parts, etc. Assembling and constructing can shape different forms of things, not only can exercise the ability of young people, but also cultivate their imagination and creativity.


Teamwork and assembly can stimulate the collective cooperation ability. Good hands DIY to learn electronic science, bionics, physics, software programming and other scientific knowledge.


It breaks the traditional optimization education into cultivates interest-oriented, and focuses on solving the lack of science and technology teaching aids, lack of innovation in experiments, high hardware cost pain points. It is suitable for students engineering practice, graduation design, robot competition; teachers can achieve innovative teaching : makers can achieve new product prototype design verification, etc. The makerspace inventor kit can meet all the needs of metal control, robot control, DIY control.



1. Full types and quantities of mechanical components.

2. Rich variety of electronic sensors.

3. To build the rich experiments.



1. Master chip: Atmega 328P

2. Input voltage: external DC power supply 6-12V

3. Logic voltage: TTL (HIGH: 5V--LOW: 0V)

4. Output voltage: 5V DC

5. Maximum input current: 3A

6. Communication method: UART port, I2C, digital input/output, analog input

7. Easy to connect using RJ25 interface

8. Integrated dual motor drive

9.Product size: 56*43*18cm