The product is composed of 17 degrees of freedom, no more than 37 cm in height, no more than 20 cm in width and more than 1.5 kg in body weight. The body material is made of ultra-light hard aluminium alloy, and the surface hardening treatment is combined with the strengthening structure design. It can carry out forward, backward, squat, left and right turn, sides lip, wave, push-up, forward roll, backward roll, handstand, push-up, ROC wings, carp stiffening and other actions. It has five kinds of dance music, and can also realize online programming to add more favorite songs.



1. Super high precision: High precision plug-in digital steering gear!

2. Super humanization: Computer drive-free, built-in charging interface!

3. Extra-long endurance: Large capacity lithium battery, working time over 2 hours!

4. Ultra-detailed tutorial: Live video, hands-on teaching you debugging, development


1. Size: Height * Width: 365 mm * 192 mm

2. Weight: Net body weight 1.65 kg

3. Body Material: Ultra-Light Hard Aluminum Alloy, Surface Hardening Treatment and Structural Design

4. Batteries: 7.4V ultra-large capacity lithium batteries

5. Duration: about 120 minutes of sustainable operation

6. Head: 1 DOF

7. Shoulders: 2 DOFs

8. Arms: 2 DOFs (each arm)

9. Legs: 4 DOFs (each leg)

10. Foot: 1 DOF (each foot)

11. Hardware: Robo-Soul H3.0 dedicated 24-way high-end steering gear controller, MP3 music module

12. PC Software: Graphical Interface Software

13. Steering parameters: LDX-218 digital steering gear and LDX-227 digital steering gear, all-metal gear.

14. Actuator weight: about 60 g, size: 40*20*40.5 mm; blocking torque: 15 kg/cm

15. Power supply: 6V: 17kg/cm 7.4v