Dobi Intelligent Robot has a high humanoid appearance and hard shell technology. It adopts ABS aluminum alloy structure, which has the properties of impact resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance. The high-tech sand blasting integrated molding material is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, so that you and your family can use it safely and comfortably. The anti-sandwich design can reach your imagination within 300 degrees. Working attitude. Let the child happy zero harm, play more at ease.


1. Beautiful appearance

2. Simple operation

3. System Self-Balance


1. Product size: 28*10*48cm

2. Product weight: 2.15kg

3. Fuselage Material: Aluminum Alloy ABS Contact Shell

4. Servo steering gear: 17 servo steering gear (head 1, leg 5*2, hand 3*2)

5. loudspeaker: stereo loudspeaker

6. Motor Category: Brushless Motor

7. Controller: power switch, program download interface, reset button, start button

8. Foreign Interface: 1. DC Charging Interface 2. MICRO USB Interface 3. Dual-mode Bluetooth 4. BLE+EDR

9. Battery capacity: 7.0V-8.4V rated 8.0V 2200mh charging 2-3 hours per time

10. Durability: 3-hour standby and 1-hour continuous use

11. System Compatibility: IOS Android iPad

12. Speech Control: Built-in Speech Recognition System, Play Instructions

13 Packaging accessories: Robot * 1 Delicate imitation aluminium Box * 1 charger * 1 user manual *1