RQ-HUNO robot is introduce from RoboBuilder of Korea for Robot enthusiasts by ALSrobot. RQ-HUNO is a humanoid robot specially designed for robot enthusiasts. It is a DIY suite with educational and entertainment value. You can easily assemble the robot. Besides writing the robot's action by yourself, you can download the robot's action routine from the network and use it on the RQ-HUNO machine. Man will present the action.

  • 1. Fast and simple assembly: It can be assembled in an hour, and the robot files can be shared through the network platform: RQ-HUNO routines can be uploaded or downloaded through the network platform.

  • 2. Plug-in components: Easily connect components and provide different combinations.

  • 3. Motion: Intelligent servo steering gear-angle can be adjusted freely, so it can move more smoothly, double mode selection, continuous rotation mode (360 degrees), servo positioning mode (0-332 degrees).

  • 4. Independent controller module: intelligent controller and intelligent servo steering controller of RQ-HUNO robot are separated, so it is easy to upgrade and find fault.

  • 5. Free Installation Style: In addition to the standard RQ-HUNO Robot Style, you can also assemble a variety of styles of robots.

  • 1. Product Name: RQ-HUNO Humanoid Robot

  • 2. Product Number: RB-13K089

  • 3. 16 Standard Humanoid Degrees of Freedom

  • 4.10 bit/0.3 degree SAM-3 special servo steering gear

    5. Position Memory and Feedback of Servo Actuator

    6. Multiplex Human-Machine Interface + C Language Programming

    7. Infrared Sensing

    8. Sound sensing

    9. Music output (9 neutral strings)

    10. Li-Poly batteries last more than 40 minutes

    11. IR/Bluetooth (Optional) Remote Control

    12. Android control