Bioloid Humanoid 18 DOF modular robot is an imported original intelligent robot introduced by ALSrobot Technology Co., Ltd. It is a modular robot suite that integrates multiple sensors. It is not only a platform for robot teaching, but also a platform for robot creativity and competition. It can be assembled into biped robots, various bionic robots and a variety of wheeled robots, and also supports DIY attempts. Some electronic products, such as PDA, CCD and small speaker, can be added to the robot to realize wireless communication and wireless vision processing of multi-robots, and help users develop and complete various complex tasks from shallow to deep. Through Bioloid Enhanced Robot Learning, students can learn about computer, C language, sensors, automatic control, mechanical and electronic knowledge, and can generate strong interest, laying the foundation for future professional course learning and career development. Through the training of relevant robot competition projects and independent creative projects, students'practical ability, innovative ability, team cooperation ability, comprehensive ability and enterprising spirit are stimulated.


1. Cultivate creative mind: Users can use modular robotic suites to bring creativity into play and combine the robots in their hearts;

2. Scientific thinking: from the process of combination, learn the scientific way of thinking and solve the difficulties encountered by oneself;

3. Logic judgment ability: Using Behavior Control software and 3D Motion Editor software to plan different robot action behavior patterns can improve logic judgment ability;

4. C Programming: For users with C language foundation, they can use C language to write their own robot control program;

5. DIY Hand-on and Assembly: You can try DIY boldly and add some electronic products, such as PDA, CCD, PDA, PDA, etc. to the robot.

1. Weight: 53.5g

2. Dimensions: 32mm x 50.1mm x 40mm

3. Minimum control angle: 0.29 degrees

4. Gear ratio: 254:1

5. Maximum Torsion: (at 12V, 1.5A)

6. Action mode: 1. Joint mode (0 ~300) 2. Wheel mode (infinite rotation)

7. Applicable Temperature: -5 ~85

8. Applicable voltage: 9V-12V

9. Instruction Signal: Digital Mode, Packet

10. Protocol Type: Semi-duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication

11. Physical Connection: TTL Level, Multipoint Connection

12.ID: 254 ID (0-253)

13. Communication speed: 7843 bps-1 Mbps

14. Feedback information: position, temperature, load, input voltage, etc.

15. Materials: Engineering plastics