This barrier gate is to imitate the bar of the toll booth: When there is a car entering or going out, the bar is blocked and rising, at the same time the LED lighting module will illuminate with buzzer sounding to remind that the car has come. When the car passes, the bar is lowered, and the buzzer is released with LED turned off.


1. Simple structure

2. Easy operation

3. Small size, easy handling


1. Master chip: Atmega 328P

2. Input voltage: external DC power supply 6-12V

3. Logic voltage: TTL (HIGH: 5V--LOW: 0V)

4. Output voltage: 5V DC

5. Maximum input current: 3A

6. Communication method: UART port, I2C, digital input/output, analog input

7. Easy to connect with RJ25 interface

8. Integrated dual motor drive