Whenever something approaches, the alligator jaw will try to bite it . It is made up of a RB-150MG servo, a Mini infrared obstacle avoidance sensor module and several aluminum with alloy bracket composition. The flexible aluminum alloy bracket structure can be easily fixed to any other structure, and the appearance can be changed. If the alligator jaw is enlarged, it can also be used in the room escape game, maybe will scare you at the moment.


1. Simple structure

2. Easy operation

3. Small size, easy handling


1. Master chip: Atmega 328P

2. Input voltage: external DC power supply 6-12V

3. Logic voltage: TTL (HIGH: 5V--LOW: 0V)

4. Output voltage: 5V DC

5. Maximum input current: 3A

6. Communication method: UART port, I2C, digital input/output, analog input

7.Easy to connect with RJ25 interface

8. Integrated dual motor drive