Once the attacking longicorn is powered on, it will move forward with strength . If the left or right tentacles touch the obstacles, the clever longicorn will go to the opposite direction with rotating 90 degrees, then continue to advance.  If the two tentacles touch the obstacle at the same time, the longicorn will retreat a few steps, then randomly rotate 90 degrees to continue till no electricity.


1. Simple structure

2. Easy operation

3. Small size,easy handling


1. Master chip: Atmega 328P

2. Input voltage: external DC power supply 6-12V

3. Logic voltage: TTL (HIGH: 5V--LOW: 0V)

4. Output voltage: 5V DC

5. Maximum input current: 3A

6. Communication method: UART port, I2C, digital input/output, analog input

7. Easy to connect with RJ25 interface

8. Integrated dual motor drive