The micro:bit IoT development kit is from ALSRobot designing based on micro:bit controller. The micro:bit development kit is an interesting, easy- to-use, safe and easy-to-use IoT starter kit designed to help teenagers easily access and understand the IoT mechanism, to cultivate children's ability to innovate. The kit includes an extension board to connect to a Micro: bit connector, which is made up of sensors and accessories to be used in partnership with BBC Micro: bit.Students learn about the Internet of things and how basic devices communicate in self-organizing networks.

■Full Color Printing with Rich Applications

  Full-color printing, rich application combined with popular application cases,

  illustrated are all circuit design methods and progra mming logic thinking

■Intelligent combination plug

  A variety of combination sensor rich, through the sensor connection wire and

  extension board connection, easy to achieve creative experiment

■Open source hardware, unlimited innovation

  Micro:bit open source hardware platform, innovative design is widely used,

  connected with the virtual world, creative model rapid presentation

■Video teaching, expert guidance

  The kit training maker teaching video, senior teachers curriculum and case

  analysis in detail, provide a learning website :

■Rich Resources ,Strong Strength

  Micro :bit is a micro-computer development board jointly created by the BBC

  and 29 companies and institutions, which makes inventions more interesting

Product Superiority:

■Environmental and physical monitoring sensors, as well as user interface modules, ■such as switches, can implement some wearable and smart home applications
■A wealth of instructional guides, a series of course documents, and trial projects
■Expandable and rich sensor
■Repeatable construction and use


Packaging List:
■Micro:bit expansion boardX1
■5*AAA battery caseX1

■Light sensorX1

■Fan motor moduleX1

■Infrared pyroelectric sensorX1

■Big Button moduleX1

■Cascadable RGB moduleX1

■Relay moduleX1

■Voice sensorX1

■D11 temperature humidity sensorX1

■Speaker Voice ModuleX1

■Rotate potentiometer moduleX1

■double-ended sensor 3P lineX10

1. Programming platform: JavaScript module editor, Python editor, Scratch3.0, oson programming

2. Programming languages: makecode online graphic programming, microPython, Scratch graphic programming, etc

3. Main controller: micro:bit

4. Wireless communication: bluetooth and radio

5. Power supply: DC DC, battery or micro: bit

6. Supply voltage: 6.5v ~ 9V

7. Extension interface: KF2510 plug and reverse interface

8. Product dimension: 225mm*190mm*76mm