Sensor Kit(pieces) by ALSRobot is an entry-level e-learning kit specifically for the electronic ethusiast , which includes the big button module, the adjustable potentiometer, light sensors, linear temperature sensor LM35, flame sensor, a buzzer sound module, magnetic induction sensor, vibration sensor, blue green, one-way obliquity sensor, a buzzer sound module, relay switch control module, the soil moisture sensor, water level sensor, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor, voltage detection sensor, the LED module.Fully consider the hobbyists from simple to complex, from shallow to deep, from digital to analog ladder learning.Let you get started can do simple electronic experiments, improve interest, increase knowledge, cultivate mentality, inspire interest.

The kit does not require welding,complete the experiment as simple as building block, avoiding beginners' habit of wasting raw materials and not being environmentally friendly when welding components. And the color of the connecting wire is clear, completely referring to the industry standard, red is the positive power supply, black is the negative power supply, yellow or white is the signal line.Greatly reduce the possibility of wrong connection.

  • 1× magnetic induction sensor

  • 1× light sensor module

  • 1× push button module

  • 1× blue vibration sensor

  • 1× green unidirectional inclination sensor

  • 1× rotation Angle potentiometer module

  • 1× buzzer sound module

  • 1× relay switch control module

  • 1× flame sensor

  • 1×LM35 linear temperature sensor

  • 1× soil moisture sensor

  • 1× water level sensor

  • 1×DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor

  • 1× voltage detection sensor

  • 1×LED luminous module