Sensor Kit(27 pieces) by  ALSRobot is designed specifically for the electronic ethusiast

including 27 commonly used sensors, 27 sets of anti-plug and reverse connection wires, user manual and all experimental procedures.The user manual mainly includes the separate introduction of 27 sensors and their detailed use methods, followed by extended experiments, using these sensors to do some practical products, of course, only a part of the suite of extended experiments, you can also according to these inspirations, to design some of their own favorite experiments.All the experiments have been operated and tested to ensure the correctness of the experiments and procedures. All the experiments in this kit do not need welding. Just insert the connecting wire into the corresponding pins of the Arduino extension board according to the instructions.In addition, video is to select typical experiments and teach you to operate step by step, even if you have never touched electronic products before, you can follow video steps to complete the experiment.

The kit does not require welding,completing the experiment is as simple as building block, avoiding beginners' habit of wasting raw materials and not being environmentally friendly when welding components.And the color of the connecting wire is clear, completely referring to the industry standard, red is the positive power supply, black is the negative power supply, yellow or white is the signal line.Greatly reduce the possibility of wrong connection.

1× magnetic induction sensor
1 x light sensor
1× push button module
1× black vibration sensor
1× green unidirectional inclination sensor
1× rotation Angle potentiometer module
1× buzzer sound module
1× relay switch control module
1× flame sensor
1×LM35 linear temperature sensor
1× soil moisture sensor
1× water level sensor
1×DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
1× voltage detection module
1×LED light emitting module (red)
1×Mini infrared obstacle avoidance sensor
1× infrared emission module
1× infrared receiving module
1× mq-2 smoke sensor
1× water vapor sensor
1× ceramic vibration sensor
1× touch sensor
1× grayscale sensor
1×RB URF02 ultrasonic sensor
1× mq-3 alcohol sensor
1× infrared pyroelectric sensor
1× slider potentiometer module