The flame sensor can be used to detect fire or other wavelength between 760 nm and 1100 nm light. In the fire-fighting robot game, the flame plays an important role in the probe, which can be used as the robot's eyes to find fire source or football. It can make use of fire-fighting robots, soccer robots.

       Flame sensor probe angle is of 60 degrees, the special sensitivity of the flame spectrum, two M3 mounting holes to stabilize the module will not spin. 

        The flame sensor's operating temperature is -25 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius, in the course of the flame it should be noted that the probe distance from the flame should not be too close Borden to avoid damage.

  • Detects fire and other wavelength

  • Arduino compatible

  • Detection range: 20cm (4.8V) — 100cm (1V)

  • Supply voltage: +5V

  • Weight: 2g