The digital tilt sensor is a component that can detect the tilting of an object. It can be used as a simple tilt sensor. With simple plug to our IO/Sensor Expansion board, you can make amazing interactive projects.

         This tilt sensor is a digital module based on the steel ball switch. The steel ball rolling downwards because of the gravity, make the switch open or close. Unlike mercury switches, steel ball switches have no disadvantages such as easy to damage, oxidation, gas leakage, short life, environmental pollution, unsafely. So you can achieve very interesting interactive works through a 3p connecting sensor line connecting it with sensor shield.

  • 1.Product Name: Digital Tilt Sensor(Green)

  • 2.Product Number: RB-02S027A

  • 3.Working Voltage: 3.3-5v

  • 4.Data Type: Digital Signal

  • 5.Angle Steel Ball Switch Module: About 2-5degrees

  • 6.Dimension:30mm x 25mm

  • 7.Weight:2g

  • 8.Interface: S:Signal,+:VDD,-:GND