Independent research and production by ALSRobot, this sensor consists of a current sensor TA12-200,that could convert a large amount of current to a small amplitude of the output voltage. Meanwhile, the module is designed with anti-insert 3Pin, safer operations. Capital letter A represents the module for the analog sensors, on the other side ammeter icon symbol indicates that the module has the current  test function. This product can be applied to alternating current detection, maximum detectable current 5A.

        The current sensor is available on a variety of single-chip controllers, particularly easier on Arduino controller. By 3P sensor cable plugged into the Arduino sensor expansion board, it is very easily to achieve related interactive work about context-aware.

  • Product Name: Current Sensor

  • Item No: RB-02S088

  • Working voltage: 5V

  • Data Type: Analog Input

  • Size: 30mm x 25mm

Pin Definitions:

  • S: Signal Interface

  • NC: positive power supply

  • -: Power Ground

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