Recorder module is based ISD1820P chip, adjusting the oscillation resistor ROSC terminal can record from 8 to 20 seconds. The default resistance value is 100K, it can record 10 seconds, other resistance is in attached table. It provides single-chip audio storage.modules can be controlled by the keys on the board and the programme of the controller,operation is easily. The data interface of the product adopts prevented to be anti-plug, both sides of the interface separately with the letter "D",which represents the signal into a digital signal type, and "Record" logo represents the module type, the ad hoc fixing four M3 mounting holes, easy to adjust the direction of the fixed easy to use.

        ALSRobotbase's new recorder module can be in a variety of micro-controller applications, especially in the Arduino controller easier,and plugged into the Arduino special sensor expansion board by DuPont line, it can be achieved with environment awareness work-related very easily.

  • 1.Product Name:Recorder Module

  • 2.Product Number:RB-02S094

  • 3.Data Types:Digital Input

  • 4.Pin Definitions:PL:Play(Press) RE:Recorder(Press until LED is off)  -:Power Ground  +:Power Positive Electrode

  • 5.Operation voltage:+5v

  • 6.Dimensions:45mm x 25mm

  • 7.Signal Type:Digital signal