Triaxial Acceleration Module from Alsrobot is based on the basic principle of acceleration to work. Acceleration is a space vector, one side it needs to know exactly how the object is moving, the components of the three axes must to be measured, in the case that the motion direction of the object is not known in advance,only the three-axis acceleration sensor is applied to detect the acceleration signal. Since the triaxial acceleration is also based on the principle of gravity, it can be used to realize 90 degrees of positive and negative of biaxial or inclination of the biaxial 0-360 degrees,higher than the biaxial acceleration sensor when measurement is greater than the measurement angle of 60 degrees by correcting the later precision.

      ADXL335 Triaxial Acceleration Module can be wild used in the area of game control, handle vibration and shaking,automobile braking start detection, seismic detection, engineering vibration measurement, geological exploration, vibration testing and analysis, security guard vibration reconnaissance and so on. It can compatible with Arduino.

  • Products type: analog sensor

  • Interface type: KF2510

  • Operating voltage: 5V

  • PIN:
    X: accelerometer X axis
    Y: accelerometer Y axis
    Z: accelerometer Z axis

  • Detection range:
    Output value of X: Static output bias± 1, output range: 275-425
    Output value of Y: Static output bias± 1, output range: 270-420
    Output value of Z: Static output bias± 1, output range: 280-425

  • Operating temperature: -25℃~+85℃

  • Products size: 30x25mm

  • Size of fixing holes: 23x18mm

  • Weight:3g