The threshold module is based on the LM393 voltage comparator. The input terminal voltage is compared with the on-board adjustable reference voltage, and the output terminal outputs a high-level or low-level digital signal. There are two independent input and output terminals. The specific principle of the input terminal voltage is higher than the reference voltage output terminal output high level, the input terminal voltage is lower than the reference voltage output terminal output low level. The module can also be used to convert an input analog signal to a high/low level signal.

1. Single power supply, wide voltage range 2V-36V
2. Independent dual input and output
3. Output compatible with TTL, CMOS level
4. Communication interface sensor 3P interface
5. The output can be connected to the OR gate with an open collector;

1. Working voltage: 2V-36V
2. Working current: 0.8mA
3. Operating temperature range: 0 ° C -- +70 ° C
4. Size: 40mm x35mm
5. Weight: 6g

test environment:
Hardware environment: USB power supply, power transfer module, threshold module, water level sensor, LED light module
Software Environment:
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Pin definition:
A1: Data input 1
A2: Data input 2
D1: Data output 1
D2: Data output 2
-: Power ground
+: positive power supply