DS18B20 is a commonly used digital temperature sensor, the feature is digital output, small volume, low hardware overhead, strong anti-interference ability and high precision.DS18B20 digital temperature sensor is easy to connect, and can be used in a variety of occasions, such as pipe type, screw type, magnet adsorption type, stainless steel package type and etc. DS18B20 can change its appearance mainly according to the application situation.

        DS18B20 water temperature sensor is stainless steel package, waterproof and moisture-proof. The packaged DS18B20 can be used in various non-limit temperature situations such as temperature measurement in cable trench, water circulation temperature measurement in blast furnace, temperature measurement in boiler, temperature measurement in machine room, temperature measurement in agricultural greenhouse, temperature measurement in clean room, temperature measurement in ammunition depot and etc.DS18B20 sensor is suitable for digital measurement and control of various small space equipment.

  • Item Name: DS18B20 Water Temperature Sensor

  • SKU: RB-02S160

  • Brand: ALSRobot

  • Fixed Hole: M3*4

  • Interface Type: 3P Antiplugging Interface

  • Signal Type: Digital Signal

  • Working Voltage: 3-5.5v

  • PIN:
    S: Signal 

  • Connection Line: 3P Sensor Cable

  • Working Temperature: - 55 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃

  • Accuracy: Precision within - 10 ~ + 85 ℃ to + / - 5 ℃

  • Resolution: the resolution of the thermometer can be selected from 9 to 12 digits by the user