The robot is a 6 servo biped walker featuring three degrees of freedom (DOF) per leg. The robot can walk forward or backwards and turn in place left or right with variable speed. It can even do lots of Robo-One style acrobatic moves. Our combo kits include everything needed to make an operational robot, however the chassis and servos are available separately for those who want to use their own electronics.
AS - 6 DOF biped robot is a small professional humanoid robot consist of full aluminium alloy parts. Parts surface and edge smooth not hurting hands through special non-ferrous oxidation process treatment and guarantee the metal primary colors, beautiful and durable, avoiding decolorizing for the long time use.
The machine has six micro servo steering gear, each foot is three DOF, the robot can not only walk backward and forward, still can original underground crouch, stand up, to turn left, can even do a lot of kind of forward roll and backward roll etc.
        Baseboard is specially designed according to reverse knee leg principle. In order to reduce foot heavy, AS - 6 DOF punch arch and cut angle. Foot hole can be attached with foot sensor, gait detection; the legs extended straight leg structure to improve the speed of travel, which is advantageous in the Robocup robot competition. The waist spacious can carry all kinds of sensors and visual identification system; complete the image tracking positioning, and other functions.

      This kit is not only suitable for school teaching research, student projects, let users enjoy the fun of robot assembly brought, but also can be used as a robot secondary development platform, to participate in all kinds of the robot competition.

Packing List:

  • 6 x Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket-silver

  • 4 x Aluminum Long "U" Servo Bracket-silver

  • 4 x Aluminum "L" Connector Bracket-silver

  • 2 x Aluminum Short "U" Servo Bracket

  • 2 x Multi-function Aluminum Foot Plate

  • 1 x Back for Biped Robot

  • 2 x Crescent Shaped Plate for Biped Robot

  • 6 x RB-150MG Metal Gear Servo

  • 6 x Ball Bearing Kit

  • 8 x M3*5 Countersink Screw

  • 8 x M3 Nut

  • 32 x M2.5*6 Screw

  • 32 x M2.5 Nut

  • 32 x M4*8 Screw

  • 32 x M4 Nut

  • 8 x M2*8 Countersink Screw

  • 8 x M2 Nut

  • 10 x Cable Tie

  • 1 x High Quality Plastic Rope