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Product overview

Touch sensors is a based on the principle of capacitance sensor made of touch switch module. The human body or metal touch sensors gold-plated interface can be sensed. In addition to the direct touch with the metal surface, separated by a certain thickness of contact material such as plastic, glass can be sensed, induction sensitivity varies with the size of the contact surface and the thickness of the cover material. Module has two output mode, can be used to change the welding jumper switch. As shown in the right side of the picture, the module will have such a short-circuit point is used to change patterns, welding short-circuit point two of the above, the module of models will switch to a switch, this time could be used to make the desk lamp of less complex touch control. Short-circuit short-circuit point below two, module model will switch to a key, the key can be used instead of entities. Note: when using module need from fixed surface has a certain height, avoid to produce the signal error.


  1. Working voltage :3.3V-5V
  2. Working current :<20mA
  3. Working temperature range:-10℃~+70℃
  4. Interface type: digital signal output
  5. size:37mm x 23mm
  6. weight:3g

Method of use

Pin definition

  • S:signal
  • +:(VCC)
  • -:(GND)

Connection here

S ports from the digital input pin of the controller.

Application of routine

Will touch sensors and LED a small light in accordance with the procedure to access the Arduino UNO controller, observing touch touch sensors LED small light condition.

sample code

i int ledPin = 13;             
int KEY = 2;                 

void setup()
    pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);   
    pinMode(KEY, INPUT);       

void loop()
        digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);   
        digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW);    

Application effect

This section of the program at the touch of a sensor mode as the default mode (buttons) touch touch sensors, onboard test goes on, otherwise the onboard test lights.

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