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Product overview

AS-6DOF Biped robot is a professional small humanoid robot consist of full aluminium parts, special non-ferrous oxidation process on surface, smooth edges not hurting hands, the metal is unbleached, beautiful and durable, prevent decoloring for long time using. The robot has six RB-150MG micro servos, each foot is 3DOF, the robot can both walk forward or backward and crouch, stand up, turn, even can do a lot of forward roll and backward roll. Arches punching, corner cutting to reduce weight, the hole can be attached with soles sensor to detect gait. Lengthening straight leg structure raise walking speed, which is beneficial to the Robocup bipedal robot competition.The capacious waist could carry the various sensors and visual identity system, tracking and positioning image.

It can walk forward or backwards and turn in place left or right with variable speed. It can even do lots of Robo-One style acrobatic moves. Include everything needed to make an operational robot, however the chassis and servos are available separately for those who want to use their own electronics. As with any walking robot, weight is a major concern. This is a very powerful feature for creating complex walking gaits for multi servo walking robots. The servo's position or movement can be queried to provide feedback to the host computer. Currently on the market the most powerful, highest reliability, the only way a USB interface, 32-servo controller, using FT232RL USB chip, stable and good compatibility, the core control unit uses high-performance.

Packing list

  • 1 x AS-6DOF aluminium biped robot
  • 1 x Fixed Plate for Servo Controller
  • 1 x 32 Servo Controller Kit
  • 1 x Motion Memory Card (512K)
  • 1 x RB Bluetooth Module
  • 1 x Bluetooth Adapter
  • 1 x UBEC/3A/5A
  • 1 x 7.4VBattery Charger
  • 1 x 9V Battery Charger

Note:Due to the air traffic control,you need to match the 7.4V/1200mAh and 9V lithium battery by yourself.

Main components introduction

RB-150MG Servo

RB-150MG Metal Gear Servo related documents and application Sample

Bracket Dimensional drawings


Installation steps

Step 1:Servo homing

The default settings position for servo in the kit is in the middle. If the servo is not rotated before, it can be installed directly; otherwise you have to turn the servo back to middle position to avoid the damage caused by inappropriate position and locked rotor.

Step 2:Servo bracket and footplate connection (Left arm assembly)


Step 3:Short U bracket connection


Step 4:Connect the servo (RB-150MG) to the frame


Step 5:Connect L bracket to the frame


Step 6:Connect servo bracket to the frame


Step 7:Connect long U bracket to the frame


Step 8:Servo (RB-150MG) Connection


Step 9:Connect long U bracket to the frame


Step 10:Servo bracket Connection


Step 11:Short U bracket, servo bracket and footplate connection (Right arm assembly)


Step 12:Connect Servo (RB-150MG) to the frame


Step 13:L bracket Connection


Step14:Connect Long U bracket and servo bracket to the frame


Step 15:Connect servo (RB-150MG) to the frame


Step 16:Servo bracket Connection


Step 17:L bracket Connection


Step 18:Connect with backs, L-bracket and left arm


Step 19:Left arm servo RB-150MG installation(left arm finished)


Step 20:Connect with top plate, L-bracket and right arm


Step 21:Right arm RB-150MG servo installation(right arm finished)


As-built drawing


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