(RB-13K050)2 DOF Robotic Arm with RB-421 Servo

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13K050 03.png


Product overview



  • Material: All aluminum alloy
  • Weight: About 68g (Do not contain the motor)
  • The largest opening angle: 55mm
  • The overall length: 108mm (the longest length when the gripper closes)
  • The overall width: 98mm (the largest width when the gripper copens)
  • Two severos can be installed, one implenments the action of opening and closing, the other wrist rotition.

Matching servos

RB-421 Standard Servo parameters and usage instruction

Packing List

  • 2 x RB-421 Servo Motor
  • 1 x Aluminum Alloy Gripper

Install Steps

Servo installation, make the gripper opening-closing

(1)Servo tiller installation

13K050 01.png

(2)Fix the servo

13K050 02.png

(3)Fix the gripper arm and the servo

13K050 04.png

Gripper rotation servo installation

13K050 05.png
13K050 06.png

Overall effect

13K050 07.png

Video Demo

Zai xian shi jiao.png
Ding wei zhua qu.png

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