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Product overview

The Acrylic Assembled Box Kit is produced by AlSRobotbase,It's structure is very simple,and make you can establish a box which is not only beautiful but also can protect your controller,the most improtant is the Acrylic Assembled Box Kit can expand、stack with three dimensions to make many kinds of controller box which is fit for you,so you can setup it on any machine you designed.

Multi-fonction Bracket is make up of superior Aluminum and transparent acrylic plate,which can make you see inter contruction clearly, Aluminum is beautiful and can't hurt your hand,Multi-fonction Brackethas many installing holes that can connect with many kinds of controllers and motors,if you setup motor and wheels,it will become a Minicar,so this Acrylic Assembled Box Kit can build many kinds of intresting boxes.


  • Box Dimension:160mm*105mm*20mm
  • Feature:brief and General,easy to setup,stable and tough Material

Product Composition

  • 1*transparent acrylic plate, suit for 9 controllers(Intel Galileo controller,PicoBoard,PcDuino,Raspberry Pi 2,Banana Pi,Arduino Mega2560 Controller,Carduino UNO,L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver,Intel Edison).
  • 1*hollow-out acrylic plate
  • 2*Aluminum Bracket

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