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Product overview

Arduino Mega ADk is a core circuit board using USB interface, it is unlike Mega2560 biggest Mega ADk more USB main control interface used with all the way on the Andrio system interconnection. Mega ADK processor core is ATmega2560, at the same time, with 54 road digital input/output (16 of whom can be used as a PWM output), 16 analog input, 4-way UART interface, a 16 MHZ crystal oscillator, a USB port, and a power socket, a ICSP headers and a reset button. Arduino Mega2560 can also be compatible for the Arduino UNO expansion board design.


  • processor ATmega2560 
  • Working voltage 5V 
  • input voltage(recommended) 7-12V 
  • input voltage(scope) 6-20V 
  • Digital I/o foot 54 (One of 16 as a PWM output) 
  • analog input 16 
  • IO dc current 40 mA 
  • 3.3V dc current 50 mA 
  • Flash Memory 256 KB (ATmega328,Including 8 KB for the bootloader) 
  • SRAM 8 KB 
  • EEPROM 4 KB 
  • clock work 16 MHz 

power part

  • Arduino Mega ADK may be powered by three ways, and can automatically choose the power supply way :
  • External dc power through power socket power supply. 
  • Battery is connected to the power connector GND and VIN pin. 
  • USB power supply directly. 

Pin definition

  1. VIN --- When an external access to the power socket, dc power supply can be achieved by VIN to external power supply; Can also use this pin to Mega2560 direct power supply; VIN when electricity is ignored from USB or other pin access power supply. 
  2. 5V --- Through the voltage regulator or USB 5 v voltage, power supply for 5 v on the UNO chip. 
  3. 3.3V --- Through the voltage regulator of 3.3 V voltage, maximum 50 ma drive current.
  4. GND --- grounding 
  5. ADK can serve as a USB main controller connected to the phone, so sometimes must provide current to mobile phones. When ADK through the USB power supply, 500 ma USB current for ADK plate and mobile phones; When ADK through external dc power supply, the voltage stabilizer on the ADK can provide current 1500 ma, among them 750 ma to ADK for plate and mobile phone use, the other 750 ma will be assigned to ADK receive other peripherals.


ATmega2560 includes on-chip 256 KB Flash, including 8 KB is used in the Bootloader. At the same time there are 8 KB SRAM and block 4 KB EEPROM. 

Input and output

1、14 digital I/o port:Working voltage is 5 v, each all the way to the output and access the maximum current is 40 ma. 20-50 k ohms per configuration along the internal pull-up resistor (not connected) by default. In addition, some pins have a specific function.
4 serial port signals:A serial port 0-0 (RX) and 1 (TX); A serial port 1-19 (RX) and 18 (TX); A serial port 2-17 (RX) and 16 (TX); A serial port 3-15 (RX) and 14 (TX). The serial port 0 and internal ATmega8U2 USB - to - TTL chips are linked together, provide TTL serial port receiving signal voltage level.
No.6 external interrupt:2(interrupt0),3(interrupt 1),18(interrupt 5),19(interrupt 4),20(interrupt 3),and 21(interrupt 2).Raise the interrupt pin, can set up along the falling edge, or trigger at the same time.
14 pulse width modulation PWM (0-13):The way you provide 8 PWM output.
SPI(53(SS),51(MOSI),50(MISO),52(SCK)):SPI communication interface.
LED(13号):Arduino specially used to test the LED reservation interface, when the output is high light LED, whereas the output for the low LED out. 2、16 channel analog input:Every all the way with the resolution of the 10) (i.e., there are 1024 different input values, the default input signal range is 0 to 5 v, can adjust the input by AREF upper limit. In addition, some pins have a specific function.TWI interface (20 (SDA) and 21 (SCL)) : support communication interface (compatible with the I2C bus).
3、AREF:The reference voltage of the analog input signal.
4、Reset:Signal for low reset microcontroller chip.
5、MAX3421E USB Host controller:MAX3421E and Arduino through the SPI bus communication, it will use the following digital interface 7 (RST), 50 (MISO), 51 (MOSI), 52 (SCK).
  Note: do not use number seven mouth as input or output, because it is used to communicate with MAX3421E in ADK.

Communication interface

  1. serial port:ATmega2560 built-in 4-way UART can achieve serial communication with the outside; ATmega16U2 can access a serial port 0 on the USB virtual serial port.
  2. TWI(Compatible withI2C)interface: 
  3. SPI interface: 
  4. MAX3421E USB main control interface:Can connected with all equipment with USB interface, such as mobile phone, camera, keyboard, and video games and so on.

Download the program

  1. Arduino Mega ADK ATmega2560 have preset the bootloader program, so you can download directly by the Arduino software program into Mega2560.
  2. Can be directly through the Mega2560 ICSP direct download program to ATmega2560 header. 
  3. ATmega16U2 Firmware (Firmware) by means of DFU can also upgrade. 

Pay attention to the point

  1. Nearby have a USB port on the Arduino Mega ADK can reset the fuse, the protection circuit. When the current exceeds 500 ma will disconnect USB connection.
  2. Arduino Mega ADK provides design, automatic reset by host reset. So by the Arduino software in application to Mega2560 software can automatically reset, don't need the reset button. On the PCB printing "RESET EN" can and make this feature is prohibited. 
  3. Design and Arduino Arduino Mega ADK USB interface design is fully compatible with the standard version, so for the Arduino UNO and series expansion board before also can be used in the Arduino Mega ADK.

Module test

Hardware environment

  • Android 2.3.4 and above version phone or Android version 3.1 and above tablet x1
  • PC  x1
  • arduino ADK board x1

Software environment

  • X1 phone assistant for Android software (for installation ADK test software to mobile phones)
  • CapSense library 
  • By testing the code in the package can compile generated demokit. The apk, test software demokit ADK test program (download the Arduino ADK interface card)

demokit.apk test program to install

1、First installed 91 mobile phone assistant software (to) can be downloaded on the network, then connect the phone with PC, right-click the demokit. The apk program, select "install"


2、Software installation is successful


At this time on a mobile phone can see the success of the newly installed software icon


Download the demokit. The pde program to ADK interface card

1、The AndroidAccessory USB_Host_Shield, CapSense three library file copy to arduino IDE library file directory \ libraries under the arduino - 0022


2、Connect the ARDUINO ADK to the computer
According to clew installed the card driver, at this point in the device manager can see the new generation of the COM 3、Download the program to the board
Open the demokit. We provide the pde program (download the program cannot be directly used, because most of the time didn't meet his peripherals, program cannot perform), and normal operation MEGA2560, model selection in the IDE interface card, COM slogans, and then download the program to the board.
At this point the board ready program.

Cell phone connection and arduino ADK interface card

The mobile phone USB cable directly in the arduino ADK USB port, the Android system will detect the connected to the USB host device, and automatically open the demokit program


In the test program we keep only the B1, B2, B3 three key test functions, the three key corresponding to the A6, A7, A8 three port, with a test wire connected to the GND and A7 port, you can see on the mobile phone software B2 lit up.


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