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Product introduction

32 servo servo controller is a set of the most cost-effective way of micro servo motor controller. Can control the servo steering gear up to 32 coordinated action of hardware and software system, it not only can realize the position control and speed control, also has a time delay function breakpoint send instructions. The main is composed of upper machine software and servo servo drive controller.
PC by PC control software control command signals to the controller, the multi-channel servo steering gear can be realized in a separate control or control at the same time, the control instruction to streamline, Angle control of high accuracy, baud rate can be modified in real time, small volume, light weight, it can be used as a humanoid robot, bionic robot, the main controller of multi degree of freedom manipulator. Moreover can also cooperate with other function modules, sensors, wireless control feedback, to build a closed-loop control system.
Along with the advance of mechanical industry at home and abroad, various universities have courses in mechanical innovation and competition, students can apply it in all kinds of mechanical innovation work, optimization of control system.

Product list

  1. 32 channel servo servo controller board
  2. Trading a (PC control software and product data sheet)
  3. A USB wire
  4. 5, four/four box of a battery
  5. 9 v battery buckle connection a
  6. Article 2 the terminal connection
  7. A USB to RS232 telecommunication lines (serial version suits for the RS232 serial communication line)
  8. Install screws (cu stud and nylon stud the four)

Technical parameters and performance

  1. Control part of the terminal power supply range:+7V—+12V
  2. Control part of the DC plug power supply range:USB power or DC 5 v DC switching power supply
  3. Servo motor terminal power supply range:+4V-+6V
  4. The control channel:32 road
  5. Communications input:RS232(A serial port)or TTL
  6. Servo motor driver resolution:about1us , About 0.09 degrees
  7. Baud rate is set:2400、9600、38.4k、115.2k through the dial the code switch can convert
  8. Support the servo motor: Futaba or HitecAs well as the national brand
  9. PC接口:DB9F
  10. size:65mm×60mm×1.5mm
  11. Extend the functionality:Provide outside enlarge PC system power supply interface

Servo servo controller using method

Servo steering gear control panel interface functions


1.DC - 5 v DC power supply interface

This interface is used to connect the controller to control part of the power supply, in order to facilitate debugging for long, can provide users with the USB with suit wire, plug in a laptop or desktop computer directly to the USB interface. Can also be external power adapter plug to meet the requirements of the following (note the power polarity!) .

2.The control part of the power terminal interface

This interface is used to connect the controller to control part of the power supply, for the user to select the power supply voltage range, AD hoc this interface. Working voltage range: + 7 v, + 12 v. Pay attention to the terminal interface of plus or minus identifier. Correct connection, to avoid damage to the controller. Debug is convenient for the user to provide a 9 v battery buckle wiring and can pick up 9 v battery, if used for a long time, suggest matching nimh or lithium polymer batteries.

3.The servo steering gear power supply terminal interface

This interface is used to connect the servo steering gear power supply (due to the servo steering gear in the case of heavy load, amplifier voltage will be lower, in order to prevent the impact part controller voltage mutation, should be two parts, respectively, the power supply), working voltage: - + 6 + 4 v v (ordinary servo steering gear), if use high-power servo steering gear, power supply, separate proposals to avoid long time use, the fever caused by burning plate line. Power note: due to the different models of the power consumption of the servo motor, and when running on load, power consumption is different also, so please will be subject to actual use. Generally, servo steering gear up and full load when the power consumption of 1 A ~ 1.5 A, but no load time only about 150 ma power consumption, so please balance consideration, according to the movement of the servo steering gear number at the same time, to consider the power the power of choice. To prevent accident, please make sure not to use power is less than the design in half the number of motor power consumption at the end of the full power operation. Debug is convenient for the user to provide the four section 5 a / 4 battery box, equipped with batteries can be used as servo servo debug power supply. If to power a robot or manipulator, the power supply part recommend the use of lithium polymer batteries or switch power supply, ensure that power is enough.

4.Outside the PC system power supply interface

This interface control part of the terminal interface power supply source, can be independent development of upper machine (51 series, AVR series, DSP, ARM and Arduino) panel power supply.

5.RS232 serial port communication connector

The port to use standard RS232 serial interface level to communicate, can plug in to provide users with USB to RS232 communication line or a serial port communications and computer communication, receive real-time control instruction.

6.TTL communication interface

If you use this feature, please take the jumper cap, this interface can be used in servo servo controller and the PC communication of other MCU development. Pay attention to the interface identifier, TX and RX identifier respectively connected servo steering gear control panel on the left side of the row needle micro control TXD, RXD pin.

7.Baud rate is set to dial the code switch

By setting the dial the code switch, baud rate can be in 2400, 9600, 38.4 k, 38.4 k in four numerical transformation. Note: 1 representative ON, 0 for OFF.
The controller baud rate is set to 115200 by default. After each change the baud rate value, all want to controller to electric start, will only take effect.

8.Servo steering gear channel interface and identifier

This interface can connect the international standard interface of servo steering gear, includes both analog and digital. Interface side have 1 ~ 32 channel with operator, said servo motor controlled by which channel signal. Each line can plug a servo motor. The whole line interface with S / + / - mark, where a "-" means plug the ground of the servo motor (usually black); "+" said plug the power cord of the servo motor (red); "S" said signal (signal) connect the servo motor control signal (usually yellow or white). Support for the servo motor: Futaba or Hitec and homebred brand, etc.

9.power switch

This switch control servo motor and the control circuit power on and off. Apply power to the switch to the marked ON end; Switch to the OFF side to cut OFF the power the entire system.

The servo steering gear control software operation method

Servo Control Software is to realize the Servo motor controller communication protocol special WINDOWS PC Control Software, the Software Control operation is simple, easy to learn and easy to use. Released in April 2010 the third version control debugging software, function is more humanized interface, not only including the first two version of the software all functions, also added more features, main introduce the following functions and using method of the software.

1.A serial port setup instructions

Here you can choose to set serial number and the communication baud rate, third edition software add bluetooth device and automatic identification of USB device driver.

2.Control channel setup instructions

Control channel type and the serial number on the control panel, according to the requirements of the design can choose multiplex control, servo steering gear connection must be corresponding with the passage control software, avoid even the appearance of control is invalid. Then will pick good hardware specifications (note: to make metal servo steering gear running multiple large torque, power consumption is larger, please use switch power supply or lithium polymer batteries), the following figure:

A.Speed control configuration function: can debug any speed, multi-channel motor speed stability, good real-time, accurate speed, acceleration deceleration arbitrary set, speed of blue box is not fill speed, the default rate of 3000, according to the performance of different brand servo steering gear, the execution speed will be different, usually range 1-3000, maximum not exceeding 6000
B.Set position control functions: through pull the slider, servo control can be realized, can also be by modifying the position of black box parameters, debugging robot different actions, 500-2500, respectively, to use - 90 - + 90 degrees, 1500 degrees parameters corresponding to the servo steering gear 0 degrees, here for the site.
3.The operation setting

Adjust instruction right click add after, will appear in the control instruction echo area. The third version of the software and add the following functions:

A.Instructions stored function: can save you in debugging good instruction set, automatic generation of instruction document, date/time accurate, robotcode20090107_1550, for example, you can also from naming individuation, avoid to read the instruction document errors or edit again.
B.Read instruction function: so long as easily click on the "open orders" button, will enter the instruction set document, select the previous instruction document you want to read, to restore the current feature set.
4.Control instruction echo area

Control instructions echo area in detail, to control instruction set in the document.

5.Set time send instructions


A.Send command signals to control action completion time function: as long as the time is greater than the completion time, you can set the completion time of action, any software automatic adjustment function, motor rotation can be smooth transition, avoid defects, the robot frame control parameters as shown in figure 1000, corresponding to the time for 1 second. B.Send instruction time interval function: each motion commands sent time interval can also through the slider Settings, modify or input parameters, as shown in figure 1500 parameters, the corresponding time of 1.5 seconds, after each instruction execution, to perform the next article, send instructions servo steering gear must be longer than the time of execution time, otherwise the servo steering gear didn't finish the draw action will be executed under a action. 6.Perform activation instruction cycle

The third version of the software to increase the function, can let you don't bother to click the mouse, repeatedly debugging is more easy to use, can be used as main control board, the small industrial manipulator motion cycle, provide the working efficiency.

Basic knowledge of micro servo steering gear

Micro servo steering gear used in radio amateur model aircraft activity has a long history, and the most widely used, domestic also called "steering gear", meaning is: "the helm control machine". Steering gear is a kind of position servo drive. It is important of the robot, mechanical and electrical system and the model aircraft actuator.It receives a control signal, the output of the Angle, for those who need to Angle changing and can keep control system. Standard of the steering gear has three wires: the power cord (red), earth (black or grey), line (white or orange).Line of the input is a periodic width adjustable square wave pulse signal (PWM), the cycle of square wave pulse signal of 20 ms (that is, the frequency of 50 Hz), when the square wave pulse width change, change the Angle of the steering gear shaft, Angle change is proportional to the change of pulse width, the change of the duty cycle is used to change the position of the steering gear.Visible, the main control unit for direction. Below 180 degrees Angle range servo, for example, the control of pulse width corresponding relations as follows:

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