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Product overview

32 channel servo servo controller receives commands generated by a PC, debugging phase can be sent via PC online instructions, once the end of debugging, want to be free from PC or in the absence of a PC cases, can also will motion commands sent to the servo steering controller, which requires a computer can store can take the place of action instruction and storage unit can send instructions, this kind of action memory card can realize the function. Has four fixed capacity memory card, red card capacity 64 KB, blue card 128 KB, 256 KB, black card shops and 512 KB, such as customers need larger capacity can also be customized according to need.


1.All kinds of storage instruction number:


2.Module size:30mm×30mm
3.weight :5g

Use method and related software instructions

Hardware functional specification

Movement servo servo controller of the memory card is a extension board, when used by 2 * 4 hole plug on the panel beside the crystals with +, -, TX and RX on a needle. < br / > Action memory card and 32 road connected servo control panel pin below:


(note: when you plug and row for qi, avoid plug slant)
Action on the memory card has a reset button and a mode switch.
Reset button: when the abnormal situation for memory card, memory card for reset.
Mode switch: for switching between instructions to download mode and delivery mode.
Switch to the on one side of the tag has D (download), memory card in order to download mode, the user can through the PC software to download debugging good instructions to the action in the memory card, repeatable download.
Switch to tag has R (run) on one side, the memory card in the instruction delivery mode, memory card to replace the computer sends a command to the controller to control the servo steering controller to complete the action of preset.

Motion commands stored download assistant software installation

Debugging stage, the need for action memory card, once the end of debugging, want to be free from the computer, can use the memory card.
First of all need to install the motion commands stored download assistant software. Find the installation CD file icon, double-click to enter setup. Exe installation interface.


Click next


Select the installation path, the default path here is "C: \ Program Files \ servo controller action instruction download assistant".


After the completion of the set up the start menu folder, click next


Confirm the installation path is correct, click the next step for installation


Download instructions operation method

The first step: first turn off the controller power supply, plug in a serial port or USB - RS232 communication lines, memory card by the movements of the dial the code switch selection panel and communication baud rate, to memory card correctly installed on the control panel, after checked, open the power switch on.


Step 2: open the servo controller action by selecting the start menu commands stored download assistant, open the process will appear RobotBase trademark first, and then enter the main interface of software. The following is a interface parts is introduced.


Task bar on the right side RobotBase icon appears at the same time


Right-click on the top left corner of the interface RobotBase icon, help can be found on the pop-up menu item.
Click on the lower right corner RobotBase interface under the trademark or trademark of the website can enter the company website, for more products consulting and services.


Step 3: choose to download instructions used by serial number


Then click "open the serial port" button, if open the serial port, success has opened the software status bar at the bottom of the display the COM, open the button to close a serial port, serial port taskbar icon started flashing.


Step 4: select action memory card with panel communication baud rate, the first step to set in the control panel dial the code to be consistent, otherwise the memory card and control panel will not be able to communicate.


Step 5: select memory card capacity, depending on the size of the user memory card color choices.


Step 6: click the browse button, the pop-up dialog, find the path to download files click open. The software will automatically computations and displayed in the storage capacity of the right size, if the green font for the currently selected memory can meet the requirements.


Step 7: will move the mode selection switch to D end of the memory card, click download to download instructions to the memory card, download progress bar shows the progress in the process, you can click the stop button to terminate the download.

if the download is successful, the status bar shows "download!" , at the bottom right counter automatic one, counter reset after closed software.

Step 8: close the control panel power supply, remove the serial port, the action of memory card mode selection switch to R side, then offline control. If you want to modify the action, to download, the first step to start operation.

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