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Product introduction

LKV - HM3.0 dc motor drive board adopts dual H bridge ST's dc motor driver chip L298N typical dual H bridge, can be used to drive dc motor or bipolar stepper motor, the driving plate is small in size, light weight, with a strong drive ability: 46 v 2 a peak current and peak voltage; Plus fly-wheel diode can prevent damage of motor coil counter electromotive force while chips; Although chip overheat with functions of automatic shut off, but install heat sink lower the temperature of the chip, to drive performance is more stable; Board is equipped with two current feedback detection interface, inner logic of their choice end pull up resistors, 4 choose end, 2 dc motor interface and four line interface, the stepper motor control motor direction indicator light, the four standard fixed mounting holes. This driver board is applicable to intelligent programmable car, wheeled robots, etc., can be used with all kinds of controller, to help you achieve the robot DIY dream.

Technical parameters and performance

1. Drive chip: dc motor driver chip L298N dual H bridge
2. Drive part of the terminal power supply rangeVs:+5V~+46V
3. Peak current Io drive part:2A
4. The logical part of the terminal power supply rangeVss:+5V~+7V(Within their+5V)
5. The logical part of the working current range:0~36mA
6. Control signal input voltage range:Low level:-0.3V≤Vin≤1.5V ;High level:2.3V≤Vin≤Vss
7. Enabling signal input voltage range: low level:-03≤Vin≤1.5V(control signal is invalid) ; High level:2.3V≤Vin≤Vss(Control signals effectively)
8. power consumption of the largest:25W(temperatureT=75℃)
9. Normal operating temperature:-25℃~+130℃
10.size:60mm × 54mm
11.size of the weight:33g
12.Other extensions: AD hoc testing interface, current feedback control direction indicator, pull-up resistance selection interface, logical part within plate for electrical interfaces.

Double H bridge diagram of the function of the dc motor drive board


ST's dc motor driver chip L298N typical dual H bridge, can be used to drive dc motor or bipolar stepper motor.


Driven plate have phi 3 legs, the size of the screw hole here can not only will drive plate fixed to the floor 2 wd mobile robot platform, can also be fixed to your own design of the robot platform.


Red, green, terminal dc gear motor connection on both left and right, respectively, pay attention to the motor wiring order, direction consistent, four motor light is convenient program debugging.


VMS end for driving power supply input + end, input voltage range:+5V~+46V。
When the input voltage range at + 5 v ~ + 7 v or + 18 v ~ + 46 v need to power a logical part at the same time, take take electricity within the lower end of the jumper cap, + 5 v input terminal + 5 v.
When the input voltage range at + 7 v ~ + 18 v logical part can take electricity board, board inside of their side need to plug in jumper cap, GND for power supply.


4 A pull-up resistors selection, designed for I/O port driver ability difference of single chip microcomputer is designed, make stronger applicability driven plate. Can use normally don't have to get off, if SCM I/O port driver ability, such as AVR microcontroller, can remove the jumper cap, power saving.


EA, I1, I2, and EB, I3, I2 control signal input interface, respectively, the EA and EB were left two road motor control interface that can end, high level effectively, can be used for PWM control. The table below for the interface using the truth table, different input signal, corresponding to different motor running condition.


Interface for single-channel four-wire here two phase stepper motor interface, also can drive the two-way dc gear motor, pay attention to the motor running condition with red and green terminal socket state is the same, the control signal, respectively by EA, I1, I2, and EB, I3, I2 input.


Double H bridge dc motor drive board test

We use the Arduino controller to do a test to use hardware equipment as follows:
1、Arduino x 1 controller
2、Arduino sensor extension plate x 1
3、Double dc motor drive board x 1 H bridge
4、Mini dc motor slowdown x 2
5、USB data line x 1
On the left and bottom right corner of the board are two dc motor control signal input interface, we connect the two Mini dc gear motor terminals and right red terminals on the left side of the green. The lower-left corner of signal input interface three pin is EA, I1, I2, respectively, the lower right corner of signal input interface three pin were EB, I3, I2, EA, EB is used to access PWM interface for motor speed adjustment, I1 and I2 and I3 and I2 access digital interface respectively. Logic power supply section, we can directly access the Arduino board 5 v output interface, due to the company within the dc motor drive board can be board take electricity, so it can not connection, such as the need to pick up in the electric control board must be plate in electric jumper cap off, terminal on the left side of the VMS interface is take electric drive part, I access to four 5 batteries.

int pin1=8; //定义I1接口
int pin2=9; //定义I2接口
int speedpin=11; //定义EA(PWM调速)接口
int pin3=6; //定义I3接口
int pin4=7; //定义I4接口
int speedpin1=10; //定义EB(PWM调速)接口
void setup()
  	pinMode(pin1,OUTPUT); //定义该接口为输出接口
void loop()
  	digitalWrite(speedpin,100); //输入模拟值进行设定速度
  	digitalWrite(pin1,HIGH); //使直流电机逆时针转
digitalWrite(pin4, HIGH)

Code function, let the motor clockwise turn two seconds, then turn counterclockwise two seconds, then stop the motor rotating two seconds, this cycle. Note: in general, the speed of the motor and motor and its load have relations, so the speed according to the actual situation.

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