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Product overview

Arduino Ethernet extension board can let the Arduino controller to connect to the Internet. It is a built-in WizNet W5100 TCP/IP the extension of the microprocessor board. This board by long stitch row mother (wire wrap the header) connect the arduino board. Use Arduino ides Ethernet library application can easily use this extension plate connected to the network. This extension plate support four socket connection at the same time. And have been added to the R3 version of the extended board is composed of four additional port version 1.0 standard output port: 2 is located in the edge of the ARFF 2 is located in the edge of the RESET. RESET at the edge of the two ports, one is IOREF, used to adapt extension plate to the motherboard. Another empty port reserved for future expansion. This latest version of the new micro - SD card slot, with the network storage function. In addition, it and the Arduino Duemilanove, Mega series also fully compatible. It also has a separate PoE (power over Ethernet) module. The module can be welded to the motherboard to transmit electricity through twisted-pair cable. It is up to the standard of IEEE802.3 af and PoE module of existing and compatible. Power supply: this board can use external power supply, through an optional Ethernet power modules, or FTDI cable/USB serial connector. External power supply can be AC - to - DC adapter or battery, adapter to a central location by inserting a 2.1 mm plug into a power outlet, the battery out of wire can be inserted into the power connector Gnd and Vin. This board can in external 6 to 20 v power supply, if the power is less than 7 v, 5 v, the output may be less than 5 v lead to instability. If more than 12 v voltage rectifier may overheat cause damage during high power circuit, so it is recommended to use 7 to 12 v DC power supply. Note: the final three pin 10 and 13 is reserved for Ethernet interface module, not for other applications, reducing the number of available pins, the number nine, 4 can be used as a PWM output.


  1. Main controller:Single chip microcomputer ATmega328
  2. Working voltage:5V
  3. DC interface input voltage (recommended):7-12v
  4. DC interface input voltage (limit):6-20v
  5. Digital I/O pins: 14 (including four PWM output)
  6. Arduino pins reserve: the number 10 to 13 for SPI, number four feet for SD card
  7. Interrupt: 2 W5100 interrupt (if bridge)
  8. The analog input pins: six
  9. I/O pins output current:40mA
  10. 3.3 V pin output current:50mA
  11. Flash memory: 32 KB Flash (ATmega328) 0.5 KB of bootloader
  12. SRAM:2 KB SRAM(ATmega328)
  13. EEPROM:1 KB的EEPROM(ATmega328)
  14. Power supply: Ethernet interface channel power supply
  15. clock crystals:16MHz
  16. Network control:W5100的TCP / IP嵌入式以太网控制器
  17. SD card, Micro SD card, a voltage converter
  18. Type: original installation import, the Arduino official production
  19. size:70x55mm

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