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Product overview

Arduino is Due, Harbin robotbase latest piece based on Atmel SAM3X8E CPU microcontrollers. The controller for the U.S. electronics giant Sparkfun Electronic original imported products. It is the first piece of arduino controller based on 32-bit ARM core. Arduino Due to there are 54 digital IO port (12 of them can be used for PWM output), 12 analog input port, 4-way UART hardware serial port, the clock frequency of 84 MHz, a USB OTG interface, two lines of DAC (adc), two lines of TWI, a power socket, a SPI interface, a JTAG interface, a reset key and a wipe.


  1. Working voltage:3.3V
  2. input voltage:7-12v
  3. Maximum input voltage:6-20v
  4. Digital I/O pins:54(12 for PWM output)
  5. analog input pin:12
  6. Analog output pin:2
  7. All of the I/O lines the dc output current:130ma
  8. 3.3 V dc current pin:800ma
  9. 5 v pin dc current:800ma
  10. Flash: 512 KB are available for all users of the application
  11. The clock speed: 84 MHZ

Method of use

Application of routine

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