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Product overview

Big Easy Driver stepper motor drive for the new Sparkfun imported products, the move slowly into the motor Driver board based on special A4988 stepper motor Driver chips, which can drive up to each phase 2 a bipolar stepper motor, it is a chopper subdivision Driver, the default is 16 micro step mode, the biggest can realize peak voltage and onboard 35 V to 5 V / 3.3 V can be adjusted to choose.


  1. nameecification:Big Easy Driver
  2. Product item no:RB-01C059
  3. Bipolar micro stepping drive
  4. Each phase biggest drive current 2 a
  5. The biggest driving voltage 35 v
  6. The onboard 5 V / 3.3 V can be adjusted

Pin connection

1.Electrical connection: connect four-wire stepping motor, A connected A stepper motor coil, B connected another group of stepper motor coil.
2.Power supply: the power input (8 to 30 v dc) connected to the M +, the power to connect to GND.
3.ENABLE::Low electricity at ordinary times, when the pin driver chips work, electrical power. High electricity at ordinary times, when the pin driver chip is still working, but all of the motor drive circuit is disabled, so there is no current flow to the motor, the motor does not work.
4.MS1, MS2, MS3:These inputs are 20 k ohm resistance, see table pins setting method:


5.RST: (Reset) These inputs are 20 k ohm resistance. If the pin input is low level, the motor drive circuit will be closed, motor reset. Only when the input is high electricity at ordinary times will drive chip make motor driving circuit work normally.
6.SLEEP:Input pin to low levels, drive chip into low power mode (closed) motor drive circuit.
7.VCC:This is from the output of the voltage regulator.
8.GND:output voltage of grounding connection.
9.STEP:Enter the pin every rise along will enable stepping drive propulsion by DIR input specified step in the direction of the movement. Enter at least one delay us, at least one us falling edge.
10.DIR:When received a step pulse, looked at the input to determine the stepper motor driver chip. When the input pulse is high, the motor counterclockwise, when the input pulse is low, the motor is clockwise.
11.PWR LED:onboard yellow LED power light.

Basic connection


The picture above shows a typical connection (in fact, it shows the minimum connection) a control panel with a stepper motor and stepping/direction signal source. Of course, you can connect the pins on the driver board to more on the single chip microcomputer digital output pin, for more control.

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