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Product overview

Banana Pi M1 in order to cooperate with elastos.org open source OS promotion and open source hardware platform,Banana Pi M1 Is a more strong than Raspberry Pi dual core Android4.2 product.Banana Pi support Android Debian linux Ubuntulinux Raspberry Pi cubieboard system.Can be used as a media player,intelligent routing exchange,repeater,industrial PC,the set-top box,network player,development board,Personal entertainment learning programming software, etc.Banana Pi looks like Raspberry Pi,But it is performance than tree Raspberry Pi, strengthen the welding,and you can run Raspberry Pi image.The launch BananaPi,become a RaspberryPi great added,CPU(allwinner A20),1G Dual-.Larger memory:1G DDR3,a richer interface support.all hardware,is general chip market,developers to complete the development,can be free to develop their own new hardware products,without any restrictions.all interface is also a common interface,any developer can free the development of the corresponding accessories.Complete from development to the transition process.Banana Pi,through the efforts of developers,can be compatible with RaspberryPi software system,even GPIO can also fully compatible with RaspberryPi GPIO definition.RaspberryPi software,open source data,GPIO accessories can and BananaPi perfect union.Banana Pi provide stronger hardware platform,fully integrated into Raspberrypi open source community.Let the developers and learners have more choices.Complete the different applications.


  1. CPU:ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core1GHz (ARM v7 instruction set)
  2. GPU:mali400mp2 Conform to the OpenGL ES 2 / 1.1(Support hardware acceleration)
  3. SDRAM:1GB DDR3 (shared with GPU)
  4. power:5V 2A microUSB(DC)or microUSB(OTG)
  5. Low-level perpherials:40 pin,28×GPIO,Some of them can be used to include UART, I2C, SPI, PWM,specific functions can be,I2S,SPDIF,lradc,ADC,the input,fm-in,hp-in。
  6. According to:Hd display support multiple channels:HDMI 1.4 LVDS / RGB / CPU display interface(DSI)the original LCD panel composite video(PALandNTSC)(through3.5mmTRRs audio jack Shared)11 HDMI the resolution of the 640×480-1920×1080 a variety of PALandNTSC standard
  7. video:H.264hd2160p video decodingmutil FHD Video decoding format,including MPEG1 / 2,MPEG4,H.264,H.263,H.264 1080p @ 30fps of 720p 60fps coding
  8. Audio output:HDMI,analog audio(By 3.5 mm TRRs jack and composite video output),I2Saudio(or audio input)
  9. size:92 mm × 60mm
  10. weight:45g

Pin definition


Method of use

System installation

  1. Download the android 4.2 Banana pi controller image file
  2. Download PhoenixCard mirror writing tools
  3. Unzip the downloaded image files,prepare a formatted SD card already(at least 8 g capacity)
  4. Open the image file download is complete, the system image file path chosen and SD card drive, click record, wait for a moment the SD card system will burn.
Banana pi Android4.2 system and software download

System startup

SD card burn, into the Bananapi, give Bananapi for electricity, Bananapi can start, want to operate RaspberryPi need some other peripherals.

  1. Will write a mirror on the SD card into Bananapi bottom on the left side of the SD card slots.。
  2. With double HDMI cable or turn HDMI VGA line to connect to your Bananapi and HDMITV or display, if there is no HDMI or DVI interface display, you can use the above yellow AV interface and on the right side of the audio interface to output video and audio to the analog TV or display.
  3. Insert the USB keyboard and mouse into the USB interface.
  4. Using Bananapi front-end ports inserted into the string of controller, also can put the Bananapi access cable network.
  5. Banana pi controller has a micro - USB power input interface, connection and at least a 5 v 1A power adapter, 2A, of course, is also possible. Avoid using low power adapter, to the normal Banana pi can't start.
  6. If you have an unused 3.5 -inch hard disk, you can put the he received Bananapi. This will use SATA connection interface. To end the SATA line received a Banana SATA interface of PI controller, the other end to the hard disk, and will POWER SATA POWER interface, be careful not to pick the wrong line. (hard of course not Banana PI to start the necessities so this step can not to do)

Operating here if all goes well, after plug in the screen will display interface of the operating system.


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