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Product overview

PicoBoard sensor board is Harbin the loose robot technology co., LTD. The latest a sensor plate, can create the interaction of various sensors, using graphical programming language that can be easily based on sensor input to create a simple interactive programs, PicoBoard used the light sensors, sound sensors, a button and a slider, and four additional analog input can be induced the change of the resistance, the product can be used with Scratch, Scratch and interactive to make more vivid and interesting animation project, is the STEAM education innovation BBS recommended products, is a good way to study sensors basic programming and knowledge.


Product list


1.PicoBoard sensor board*1
2.PicoBoard alligator clip wire*4
3.Micro USB cable

Function is introduced


Basic instructions:
1.Micro USB interface: Picoboard sensor extension plate connected to the computer interaction design, debug interface
2.Interface: A, B, C, D four Picoboard analog input interface, used to connect to other sensors
3.Sound: Sound sensors, used to read the change of the external voice
4.Light: the Light sensor, is used for sensing the change of external Light intensity
5.Button: digital signal input, the input digital signal 0 or 1
6.The Slider: linear Slider resistor, the input analog signal
Note: the above variables are can monitor in the Scratch by looking at the sensor value (the following will have a more detailed introduction)

Method of use

software is introduced

1.Picoboard sensor extension board driver installation.
(1)Through microUSB line to expand Picoboard sensor plate connected to the computer.
(2)Under the divers doesn folder of the Arduino software have FTDI USB divers doesn for driver, for installation.
(3)Properly installed in the computer can see under the device manager of Picoboard COM port number.
2.Scratch the software download
(1)Baidu search Scratch software download Chinese version (1.4 version is introduced using the Scratch).
(2)Open the software selection as shown after detection.
(3)Right-click the detection option to show Scratchboard monitor.
(4)You can see Picoboard sensor port value displays as shown.
(5)Right-click on the monitor serial number or USB interface, Picoboard COM interfaces, namely Picoboard sensors can be extended board monitored values of the input/output interface.

hardware connection diagram


Application of routine

Scratch cases and teaching

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