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Product overview

Raspberry pie 2 generation (type B) with broadcom BCM2836 processor, there are four core architecture (A7 architecture, main frequency 900 MHZ, single-core performance compared with the previous generation 700 MHZ, ARM11 architecture BCM2835 1.5 strong Sunspider test 4 times, NEON technology multi-core video codec performance soared more than 20 times, SysBench multithreaded processor, such as test scores are also more than 6 times stronger. While the graphics processor core for VideoCore IV. Raspberry pie LPDDR2 is equipped with 1 gb memory, 2 generation after generation of type B and B + 1 type is 512 MB. Size and the rest of the specification and type B + 1 generation is consistent, still need to use MicroUSB interface 5 v power supply, only four USB interface, otherwise 1 HDMI video output interface, 1 RJ45 network card interface, MicroSD card slot, 3.5 mm headset interface, compatible with existing raspberries pie camera and display extend the components. Raspberry pie 2 due to upgrade to ARMv7 processor core, it supports the system is also more, including conventional ARMv7 Debian and lightweight version of Snappy UbuntuCore ARM GNU/Linux system such as branches, it is compatible with the older NOOBS, but will soon launch ARMv7 version. Besides raspberries pie 2 more particularly a new system is Microsoft Windows 10, which is designed for Microsoft IoT IoT launched dedicated system, Raspberry sent two alternative is Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi, 2 Maker developer community users can use free of charge. By providing support raspberries pie 2 Windows 10 version, Microsoft further expansion of the Internet of things (IoT) Windows developer program (DeveloperProgram), through the plan, Windows 10 this version will be community free to manufacturers.


1.SOC (system-on-a-chip) : Broadcom BCM2836
2.Processor:ARM Cortex-A7 900MHz 4 nuclear
3.According to:Broadcom VideoCore IV.OpenGL2.0. 1080p 30h.264/MPEG-4 AVC hd decoder
4.Storage: 1 gb of memory
5.Support USB hub extension
6.Support NTSC and PAL formats, support HDMI (1.3 and 1.4), and a resolution of 640 x350 1920 x support NTSC and PAL formats.
7.Video interface: 3.5 mm jack, HDMI (high definition audio/video interface)
8.Miscro SD card interface
9.10/100 Ethernet interface(RJ45接口)
10.Extension interface40
11.Rated power 1000 ma(为5.0W)
12.5 v power input, through the MicroUSB or GPIO pins
14.Debian GNU/LINUX、Fedora、Arch Linux、RISC OS、Windows 10 and Snappy Ubuntu Core。

interface definition


Method of use

System installation

1.operating system to download
Download the raspberries pie programs as shown


2.System installation The so-called "installation system" is to "restore" download system image to the memory card, this process is easy, is to see the speed of memory CARDS, slowly, etc. It is important to note that part of the 4 G memory card on the market, the actual size is more than 3.6 G, can prompt the space is insufficient, so still need at least 8 G memory CARDS for burning system. < br / > Under the Windows can use the Win32 Disk Imager for image restoration, very convenient, is also a way of raspberries pie's recommended. < br / > Win32 Disk Imager burn tool to download:[2]
On the download software, as shown:


Hardware wiring

basic configuration:

  • 5 v 2 a adapter
  • 7 inch LCD screen
  • Raspberry Pi 2 controller
  • TF card (burn write system), tutorials use 16 gb TF screens
  • Double HDMI cable
  • Wireless network card (optional)
  • Wireless keyboard

According to the effect

Raspberry pie, HDMI mode starts on 7 inch LCD display


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