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Product overview

With the rapid development of LED raw materials market in recent years, all kinds of LED come into our lives, especially the rapid development of color LED display, let the LED application market in the new century, LED control system, the market also become more promising. To keep pace with The Times, the electronic lovers latest LED module is essential supplies, you learn to control the LED introduction module adopts the latest environmental protection piranha LED the market, compared with the traditional LED, not only small volume, low power consumption (3.3 V, current 20 ma), and long service life, high brightness, light Angle is big. Is superior to the many virtues, make its just caught attention, immediately after the birth of its development trend like piranhas fierce, have this name. Module through the 3 p sensor cables are connected to the sensor expansion board, convenient and quick, after controller programming, can easily implement LED interactive control.


  1. Working voltage :3.3v-5v
  2. Color: green
  3. High brightness output
  4. Luminous intensity:2500-3300mcd
  5. Compatible with sensors extension board I/O
  6. 发光角度:80-110°
  7. size14 mm x 27.5mm
  8. weight:3g

Using the method and example program

Pin diagram

  • S:(SIGNAL)
  • +:(VCC)
  • -:(GND)

Connection diagram

  • S Port from the I/O interface of the controller.The + and - received power of + 5 v &gnd respectively.

sample program

LED module connected into Arduino digital 13, LOW, HIGH light. If the LED module in the Arduino PWM mouth, can also through the analogWrite (val) statements control the brightness of the LED module, interested friends can try in person.

The program code is as follows:

int led =13;                           
void setup() 
void loop() 
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);      
  digitalWrite(led, LOW);       

Application effect

Download the program to the controller, we can see the LED module light 1 second, put out a second, so repeated alternately.

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