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Product overview

2014 new Analogue Temperature Sensor using NS company (national semiconductor) to produce the LM35 Temperature Sensor, it has the very high work precision and wide linear range, the device output voltage proportional to the Celsius Temperature linear, every increase 1 ℃, the output voltage increase 10 mv. From the use of perspective, the thermocouple used in high temperature measurement, platinum resistance is used to (around 800 degrees Celsius), medium temperature measurement device and semiconductor temperature sensor and thermal resistor is suitable for below 200 degrees temperature measurement, the LM35 is a semiconductor temperature sensor and compared with kelvin standard linear temperature sensor is more superior, LM35 without external calibration or trimming, can provide the common room temperature accuracy of plus or minus 1/4 ℃. LM35 temperature Sensor module can not only through a 3 p Sensor cable directly into the Sensor shields V5.0 Sensor extension board or Sensor shields V1.0 special Sensor extension plate, can also be connected to all kinds of MCU development board, robot controller, easily implement ambient temperature detection, is the interactive work the commonly used sensors and intelligent robot.


  1. Directly under the Celsius temperature calibration
  2. + 10.0 mV / ℃ linear calibration coefficient
  3. To ensure the accuracy of 0.5 ℃(在25℃)
  4. The rated temperature range for - 40 ℃ to + 110 ℃
  5. Wide working voltage range, 4 v to 30 v
  6. Low power consumption, less than 60 ua
  7. In the still air, since the heating effect is low, the hot is less than 0.08 ℃
  8. The nonlinear is only plus or minus 1/4 ℃
  9. 1 ma output impedance, current through just 0.1 Ω

Using the method and example program

Is the definition of sensor pin

  • S:output signal
  • +:(VCC)
  • -:(GND)

Connection diagram


Physical connection diagram


sample code

As is shown above, using the linear temperature sensor LM35 sensor line is connected to the Arduino sensor expansion board simulation on port 0. And then download the compiled code to the Arduino, could be on the serial port assistant window displays the current value of measured. Arduino experimental code is as follows.
int pin = 0;  //模拟口0
int tempc = 0;//温度变量
int samples[8]; 
int maxi = -100,mini = 100; 
int i;
void setup(){
Serial.begin(9600); // 设置波特率为9600
void loop(){
for(i = 0;i<=7;i++)
samples[i] = ( 5.0 * analogRead(pin) * 100.0) / 1024.0;
tempc = tempc + samples[i];
tempc = tempc/8.0; 
if(tempc > maxi) {maxi = tempc;} 
if(tempc < mini) {mini = tempc;} 
Serial.print(tempc,DEC); //打印温度值
Serial.print(" Celsius, ");
Serial.print(" Max, ");
Serial.println(" Min");
tempc = 0;

Application effect

This code function is to detect the temperature of the current environment. As shown in the figure below the serial assistant window for the former temperature value. Celsius for the current temperature, Max for the current maximum temperature, Min for the current minimum temperature.

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