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Product introduction

The Water Flow Sensor is Harbin pine robot technology co., LTD. In 2012, the latest a Water Flow Sensor, mainly by the plastic valve body, Flow of rotor components and hall Sensor. The sensor is applied in water flow measurement and control system, such as installed in the inlet water heater. Working principle: when the water through flow rotor components, magnetic rotor rotation and speed changes with the flow, hall sensor output pulse signal, feedback to the controller, the controller to judge the size of the water flow, adjust and control.

Water Flow Sensor Compared with similar foreign products have the characteristic:
一、The appearance is light and agile, small size, easy to install.
二、Permanent impeller with stainless steel bead, wear-resisting.
三、Sealing ring adopts the structure of the upper and lower stress will never leak.
四、Hall element with German imports.
And encapsulated with pouring sealant to prevent water, never aging.
五、All the raw materials are all in accord with ROHS testing standards.
六、Suitable for all kinds of controllers and development board, such as: the Arduino controller, on STC microcontroller, AVR microcontroller, etc。


1、 Water inlet diameter:8.5mm
2、 Inlet and outlet diameter:20.12mm
3、 Connection mode: the red line (IN) to the positive (+), yellow line (OUT) signal output line, black line (GND) connect the cathode (-)
4、 Output waveform: square wave
5、 Working voltage range:DC +3V~+24V
6、 Maximum working current:15mA(DC +5V)
7、 Load capacity:≤10mA(DC +5V)
8、 Using the temperature range:≤80℃
9、 Use the humidity range:35%~90%RH(No frost)
10、 Allows pressure: the pressure below 1.75 Mpa
11、 Keep the temperature:-25℃~80℃
12、 Save the humidity:25%~95%RH
13、 output pulse high level:>DC 4.5V(input voltageDC +5V)
14、 output pulse is low level:<DC 0.5V(input voltageDC +5V)
15、 Precision (traffic - pulse output):1~30L/min±1%以内
16、 output pulse duty ratio:50±10%
17、 output rise time:0.04uS
18、 output decrease time:0.18uS Traffic - pulse characteristics: proficiency test pulse frequency(Hz)=[8.1Q -3 ]±10%(level of the test) (Q As the trafficL/min )
19、 Heat resistance: in the 80 + 3 ℃ environment for 48 h, 1-2 h no abnormal return to room temperature, no crack, relaxation and parts, expansion and deformation phenomenon, change within 10% accuracy.
20、 Cold resistance: in - 20 + / - 3 ℃ environment for 48 h, 1-2 h no abnormal return to room temperature, no crack, relaxation and parts, expansion and deformation phenomenon, change within 10% accuracy.
21、 During:In 40 + 2 ℃, relative humidity 90% ~ 95% RH environment put out 72 h after more than 1 m Ω insulation resistance.
22、 durability :At room temperature, from shuikou bubbled into 0.1 Mpa water pressure, to get through 1 S, disconnect 0.5 S for a loop.
23、 Flow - pulse reference table 800px|有框|居中 Water Flow Sensor模块结构图 400px|有框|居中 Water Flow Sensor使用注意事项:

Water Flow Sensor模块测试

我们使用Arduino 控制器来做个测试,需要用到硬件设备如下:
1、 Arduino 控制器×1
2、 Arduino 传感器扩展板×1
3、 Water Flow Sensor×1
4、 RS360 齿轮自吸直流小水泵×1
5、 继电器模块×1
6、 大按钮模块×1
7、 Serial LCD1602×1
8、 ACE 锂聚合物电池×1
9、 3P 传感器连接线×2
10、 Water Flow Sensor 连接转接线×1
11、 鳄鱼夹-JST 电池连接线×1
12、 水泵进水管×1
13、 水泵出水-Water Flow Sensor 进水转接管(自制,实际应接6 分管)
14、 Water Flow Sensor 输水管(自制,实际应接6 分管)
15、 电源适配器×1
电气连接图如下: 400px|有框|居中 具体连接顺序为:Water Flow Sensor连接到传感器扩展板的数字口2,继电器连接到传感器扩展板数字口3(另一端连接电源连接线上),大按钮连接到传感器扩展板数字口4,串行1602液晶连接到COM口,其他器件按图连接即可。(注:在使用传感器线、杜邦线时,应注意对应连接,否则后果自负。)完成硬件连接后,将代码编译后下载到Arduino 里。
Arduino 实验代码如下:

volatile int NbTopsFan; //定义函数NbTopsFan 为整形
int Calc; //定义函数Calc 为整形变量
int on = 3; //定义on 为数字口3
int key = 4; //定义key 为数字口4
int hallsensor = 2; //定义hallsensor 为数字口2
int flag; //定义flag 为整形变量
void rpm ()
NbTopsFan++; //函数自动+1
void setup()
pinMode(key,INPUT); //定义key 为输入信号
pinMode(on, OUTPUT); //定义on 为输出入信号
digitalWrite(on,HIGH); //定义on 初始信号为高电平
pinMode(hallsensor, INPUT); //定义hallsensor 为输入信号
Serial.begin(9600); //定义波特率为9600,
Serial.print("$CLEAR\r\n"); //清屏
Serial.print("$GO 1 4\r\n");//显示的地址为第1 行第4 列
Serial.print("$PRINT Welcome to\r\n"); //打印字符Welcome to
Serial.print("$GO 2 1\r\n");//显示的地址为第2 行第1 列
Serial.print("$PRINT www.robotbase.cn\r\n");//打印字符www.robotbase.cn
Serial.print("$CURSOR 1 1\r\n");//光标移动到第1 行第1 列
attachInterrupt(0, rpm, RISING); //定义中断进程
void loop ()
NbTopsFan = 0; //NbTops 初始值为0
sei(); //初始化中断
delay (1000); //延迟1 秒
cli(); //禁用中断
Calc = (NbTopsFan * 60 / 8.1); //(脉冲频率×60)/ 8.1 Q,=流量L /小时
if(flag != Calc)
Serial.print("$CLEAR\r\n"); //清屏
Serial.print("$CLEAR\r\n"); //清屏
Serial.print("$GO 1 6\r\n");//显示的地址为第1 行第6 列
Serial.print("$PRINT ");
Serial.print(Calc);Serial.print(" L/h \r\n"); //打印字符" L/h "
Serial.print("$GO 2 1\r\n");//显示的地址为第2 行第1 列
Serial.print("$PRINT Flow Measurement\r\n");//打印字符" Flow Measurement "
Serial.print("$CURSOR 1 1\r\n");//光标移动到第1 行第1 列
flag = Calc;
void cc()
if (LOW == digitalRead(key))//如果digitalRead 为低电平则执行下面的语句
{digitalWrite(on,LOW);}//on 输出低电平
else if (HIGH == digitalRead(key))//如果digitalRead 为高电平则执行下面的语句
{digitalWrite(on,HIGH);}//on 输出高电平

下图为水流流量测试系统初始时串行1602液晶显示图: 400px|有框|居中 下图为水流流量测试系统测试时串行1602液晶显示图: 400px|有框|居中



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