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This is a small force sensitive resistor. It has a 0.16" (4 mm) diameter active sensing area. This FSR from Interlink Electronics will vary its resistance depending on how much pressure is being applied to the sensing area. The harder the force, the lower the resistance. When no pressure is being applied to the FSR, its resistance will be larger than 1MΩ, with full pressure applied the resistance will be 2.5kΩ.

Two pins extend from the bottom of the sensor with 0.1" pitch making it bread board friendly.

These sensors are simple to set up and great for sensing pressure, but they aren’t incredibly accurate. Use them to sense if it’s being squeezed, but you may not want to use it as a scale.

Technical parameters and performance

  1. Effective area: 19.63 square mm (diameter of 5mm)
  2. Thickness: 0.3mm
  3. Pressure sensing range: 100g~10kg
  4. Sensitivity: 0.1kg/cm + L
  5. Module weight: 1g

There are a few things to pay attention to:

  1. to try to choose a solid, smooth and flat mounting surface;
  2. when you installed surface is curved, you install the FSR, it will bend it, as a result of FSR will force, will to some extent affect the FSR of accuracy, so to pay attention to try to avoid the FSR of the effective surface mounted on the surface (Note: it is the effective circular surface can not bend, and long tail can bend);
  3. contact surface cleaning;
  4. stress should not exceed its rated value;

It # try not to be welded to the universal board or specific packages are not belonging to the circuit board, so as to avoid the thermal deformation of the tail will; If the # wire is connected to the circuit, pay attention to the best to use a heat shrinkable tube two parts separated by the tail. FSR access circuit, there are two kinds of connection method:

I use an Arduino read its analog value and simulation value range is 0 ~ 1024, I on the interface of 11PWM connected by a LED, and FSR readout of the simulation value assigned to the LED, so through the LED brightness we can see analog readout pressure value and the size of the.

using method

Pin definition

Connect Icon

Application Routine

Sample code

int ledpin=11;
int potpin=0;
int val;
int i;
void setup()
void loop()

Program effect

it can be seen that when I press FSR on the effective surface, LED in the light, and LED will change with the size of my strength and change the brightness.

Product recommendation

Buy address:Force Sensitive Resistor - Small

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