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Product overview

Lithium battery pack for each cell voltage, total voltage real-time display!  to eliminate lithium-ion battery discharge, protect the investment! Expensive lithium-ion, lithium polymer battery pack, high discharge rate, no memory effect, excellent performance, has become the trend of model aircraft power battery, but the fatal flaw of lithium-ion battery pack is over discharging extremely sensitive, as long as there is a discharge, lead to group within a cell voltage fall to near 0 v, which often leads to the whole battery scrap! Unfortunately, at present the use of lithium battery equipment itself with the function of prevent discharge are few, mainly focus on the some high-grade electrical adjusted model, and the general model and ordinary electricity equipment, didn't prevent the discharge device, this led to the often scary when people in the use of lithium-ion battery pack, is often used in a short period of time after the start charging, affected the performance of lithium-ion batteries into full play; And slightly inadvertently lead to some batteries discharge, namely irreparable consequences! This display USES intelligent microcontroller IC control, automatic with different capacity lithium battery voltage display, without manual Settings. Function: when using lithium-ion battery pack, can be directly put on the balance of the lithium-ion battery pack, real-time display of each cell in the group total voltage, battery voltage, when players intuitive see a batteries near 3.0 v (when the safety of the lithium batteries discharge point), or stop using, put an end to the lithium battery over discharge may, protect the expensive lithium-ion batteries from harm!


  1. Scope of application: lithium polymer battery and lithium ion battery
  2. input voltage:0-4.5V
  3. dimensions10.5*19*50mm
  4. Voltage accuracy:0.03V以内

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