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Product overview

Latest bend Sensor (Flex Sensor By Spectra Symbol) is a simple measurement of the bending strength of sensors, and through the ultra-thin encapsulation, it can be fixed on the surface under test, with analog output, convenient will bend the information acquisition and processing. Total length of 80 mm in length measurement is up to 60 mm, cooperate with the AD conversion controller is particularly suited to do finger bending test, robotics, medical equipment, instruments, and other products.


  1. Product name: bend sensor
  2. Product item no:RB-02S046
  3. Product type: analog sensor
  4. total length:80mm
  5. Measure the length:60mm
  6. Surface resistance:10KΩ
  7. life:1000000+
  8. thickness:0.43mm
  9. resistance tolerance:±30%
  10. Working temperature:0-55℃
  11. Working humidity:10%-90% No condensation
  12. Humanization design: ultra-thin elastic material without memory
  13. Warranty period: 1 year
  14. product weight:1g
  15. shipping list: bend sensor*1
  16. Packing: electrostatic bag sealing smooth delivery
  17. Optional accessories: bread plate, resistor

Method of use

Sensor is not bending resistance of about 30 k. Sensor bending, the conductive particles further apart, increases the resistance (about 50 k ohm sensor 90 ° bend, in the diagram below). When sensors straight again, resistance to return to the original value. By measuring the resistance, can be determined


Note: although the area between the active part of the sensor (black box) is quite strong, bending pin end sensor is easy to damage. We suggest strengthening or to protect the area. Add a voltage divider to the sensor.


Resistor and flex sensor composed of a voltage divider. Sensor is warped, the voltage will increase about 83% of the VCC. If you use 5 v VCC, you should see about 3.75 v straight sensors, sensor, curved 90 ° about 4.17 v.


Module test

机器人基地 RobotBase www.robotbase.cn
目    的:  弯曲传感器测试程序
目标系统:  Carduino UNO R3 控制器
应用软件:  Arduino IDE 1.0.5
发布时间:  2015-1-23
说    明:  若用于商业用途,请保留此段文字或注明代码来源
void setup()
void loop()
  int sensor, degrees;
  sensor = analogRead(0);
  degrees = map(sensor, 768, 853, 0, 90);
  Serial.print("analog input: ");
  Serial.print("   degrees: ");

Test results: through a serial port value, we can with the bending of the sensor, a serial port according to the numerical changes.

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