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An overview of the

This is a simple and easy moisture sensor can be used to detect soil moisture, when soil water shortage, the sensor output value will decrease, instead will increase. Using the sensor produces a watering device automatically, when you not at home for a long time or after watering time, it can sensor to your plants are thirsty. To prevent plants withered just know is caused by water shortage. Cooperate with the Arduino controller allows you to plant more comfortable, garden more intelligent.
the surface of the sensor did plating processing, can prolong the service life of it. Insert it into the soil, and the use of AD converter to read it. With his help, the plant will remind you: hey, I'm thirsty, please give me a little water.

Technical indicators

  1. Product item no:RB-02S047
  2. Working voltage:DC5V
  3. Working current: less than 20 ma
  4. Sensor types: analog output
  5. Production process: FR4 double-sided tin
  6. Fixed orifice size:3.2mm
  7. Humanization design: half moon cave antiskid processing
  8. Detecting depth:37mm
  9. Working temperature:10℃-30℃
  10. Working humidity:10%-90% No condensation
  11. weight :3g
  12. Product size:63x20x8mm
  13. Shipping list: humidity sensor*1
  14. Packing: electrostatic bag sealing
  15. Optional accessories: 3 pin sensor cables, the Arduino controller, sensors, expanded plate

Pin definition

Is the definition of sensor pin

  • S:output signal
  • +:(VCC)
  • -:(GND)

Connection diagram


The working principle of the soil moisture senso

Soil moisture sensor is judgment of how to determine the soil moisture content in soil humidity size. As shown, when the soil moisture sensor probe dangling, triode base in open state, the triode as output is 0;
When inserted into the soil due to different soil moisture content, soil resistance value is different, the triode base provides a change to the size of the current flow, triode collector to emitter current flow is the base control, after the drop-down resistance of the emitter is converted into voltage.

test of soil humidity sensor

Here we use Arduino controller to do the test, the Arduino itself 10 AD sampling circuit and the program is simple, use very convenient.

Arduino experimental code is as follows:

void setup(){       
void loop(){       
   Serial.print("Moisture Sensor Value:");

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