(SKU:RB-02S053) LED Light Kit(white ) for 4WD Aluminum Platform

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Product overview

This product is the loose robot technology co., LTD. Harbin mobile platform for 4 wd aluminum alloy research and development of a simple installation, convenient connection, pure white highlighted lighting LED lamp luminous suite. LED module can be extended with 3 p sensor cable and Arduino sensor plate connected, convenient and quick, after the Arduino controller programming, can easily implement LED light control. With the development of science and technology, robot can replace people to do more and to, so also need more human, intelligent robot. For example, need to travel in the dark environment, to find the problems in the tunnel and so on. The LED light kit, can be most useful, meet your requirements.


  1. Working voltage:5v DC
  2. product type:Output type
  3. Compatible with sensors extension board I/O
  4. Stent size:27.5×10×9mm
  5. LED module:13×27.5
  6. weight:10g

Method of use

Pin definition

  • S:(Signal)
  • +:(VCC)
  • -:(GND)

Connection here

S ports from the I/O port of the controller. + and - received power of + 5 v &gnd respectively.

Application of routine

In accordance with the procedures will LED small lights to connect to the UNO, the status of small lights.

sample code

int led =13;                         
void setup() 
void loop() 
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);      
  digitalWrite(led, LOW);       

Application effect

LED small lights light up, put out continuously, interval for 1 second.

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